Prince Andrew is (again) fleeing to Scotland

allegations of abuse
To avoid legal action? Prince Andrew is (again) fleeing to Scotland

Prince Andrew (here last year) went to Scotland

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Prince Andrew has left again to meet the Queen at Balmoral Castle. There may be legal reasons for this.

If I’m not there, they can’t take me either – Prince Andrew may have thought as he entered his Range Rover earlier this week and traveled half a mile to Scotland with ex-wife Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson . Their destination was the Queen’s summer residence, Balmoral, where they had spent their holidays a few weeks earlier. Now there may be another reason to visit.

Prince Andrew visits Scotland again

For several days, Andrew’s security guards are said to have turned down American lawyers at his door in Windsor who wanted to give legal documents to the Royals. There have been “many attempts”, the newspaper “The Sun” reports. The law stipulates that complaints must be served in person. There are a number of drawbacks to this delivery to avoid. Not being home is one thing.

A Sun source said: “Andrew has been mad at the Royal Lodge over the past few weeks. He didn’t ride horseback and couldn’t go out because someone tried to give him legal papers.” “He knows he is more secure at the Queen’s estate at Balmoral,” says the source.

Misconduct allegations: to avoid trial?  Prince Andrew is (again) fleeing to Scotland

application cannot be submitted

In August, American Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed a civil suit in New York for the sexual abuse of a minor. Since then, Andrew and his lawyers have been strictly silent. The fact that he now refrains from accepting applications complicates the entire legal process. The first oral hearing is scheduled for September 13 – and the defendants have 21 days to respond to the charges.

Prince Andrew’s game of hide-and-seek is unlikely to bring much to him in the long run. If a defendant cannot be contacted in person, lawyers may file a request for service by public notice in court. Prince Andrew could also meet her at Balmoral Castle.

They: “Sun”


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