Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t feel old at all

Queen Elizabeth II doesn't feel old at all

Queen Elizabeth II this summer declined the “Oldie of the Year” award the eponymous magazine wanted to award her, noting that she didn’t meet the criteria to receive it.

He never hid his age. And besides, she couldn’t if she wanted to. Everyone around the world knows that Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926. And so he celebrated his 95th birthday this year. But if the sovereign knows that she is less than five years from her centenary, she does not feel awake at all.

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As evidence, he declined to be “The Oldie of the Year”, an award the leading British magazine wanted to award for his leadership during the pandemic and in anticipation of his birth anniversary. Platinum (his 70-year reign in 2022). This media is defined As “the independent thinker and witty, a lighter alternative to a press obsessed with youth and fame”, “continuous and timeless, without retirement advice, full of rejuvenating wit, wit and fun”. With a fervor of humour, the monarch responded to this offer of distinction from his Scottish palace at Balmoral this summer with the hand of his deputy private secretary. His letter was published in the latest issue of “The Oldie,” as “BBCIt reads: “Her Majesty thinks we are of the age we feel, therefore the Queen does not think that she meets the relevant criteria to be able to accept and hope that you are a more Eligible recipient will be found”.

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The Duke of Edinburgh received the same award on his 90th birthday in 2011

Her husband, Prince Philip, who has now died, received it in 2011, when he was only 90 years old. He then declared with the spirit of his response that we know him: “Nothing does anything to your morale to remind you that the years go by – always louder – and the songs begin to fall. Standing out from the old corpse Get ” Still adding:” But it’s good that you are remembered “.

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