Radebeul: with green beetles via Radebel, Meissen, Moritzburg

Radebeul: with green beetles via Radebel, Meissen, Moritzburg

Radebull / Meissen / Moritzburg. Vintner Friedrich Ost walks a fair, smiling young woman through her rows of vines and explains to her how it works with wine, the ripening of grapes and the wine landscape in the Elbe valley and Radebull. The two try fresh Riesling, watch the sun and hope to be on this special piece of earth.

In a witty and skilful manner, Deutsche Welle presenter Hannah Hummel travels through the countryside of Saxony in a green electric beetle. Together with Jan Vogler she walks around the castle pond in Moritzburg and meets young musicians from the Moritzburg Festival, listening to their play and is blown away. Especially as she followed the Cinderella performance of the State Theaters of Saxony on the roof of the palace and then talked about the role and love with lead actress Sandra Maria Heumann.

The young lady is clearly welcomed on social media channels Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is exactly what Deutsche Welle wants to achieve – to attract young people to current entertaining articles about Germany, Saxony and the Elbe. Yoga in the vineyard at Schuh Winery in Sornwitz, strolling through the rooms of the Albrechtsburg palace and following the story on the tablet – which may interest young people in Saxony and perhaps encourage them to come here.

That is why this year a seven-part season of 26-minute videos was shot about Saxony. Lighthouses such as the Semperoper and the Frauenkirche have not been shown before, but the treasures next to them, which are still insider tips, at least abroad.

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A few days ago the film about Elbeland was presented to tourism experts of the country at the Congress and Convention Center in Radebel-Ost. Saxony’s Minister of Culture and Tourism, Barbara Kleps (CDU), herself an Ore Mountain woman, was enthusiastic: “It makes you want to go on holiday in Saxony, precisely because it is undiscovered treasures that are presented in such a new way.” are done.”

Cinderella is known around the world as Cinderella in the romantic Christmas fairy tale. German-Scottish presenter Hannah Hummel comes from Edinburgh and speaks her national language to many people where Deutsche Welle is broadcasting. Saxony aims to reach millions of viewers worldwide from 6 November. On that day, according to Deutsche Welle, the new, bilingual series “Ausfahrt Kultur / Destination Culture” was broadcast for the first time on various TV programs of the German international broadcaster. Season 1 with the subtitle “Discoveries in Saxony” with a total of seven episodes focuses on cultural sites in the Free State of Saxony: from the First Puchler Park in Bad Muskau to the August Horch Museum in Zwickau, see the makers in Glashutte, porcelain At the cotton mill in Leipzig at the Museum Meissen or the Schminke House in Lobau.

Video for the biggest travel fair

Deutsche Welle program director Gerda Meur says Saxony was deliberately chosen to debut the new series because tradition and modernity are a perfect match here. Cinderella and Instagram, the Horch Museum in Zwickau and the famous Audi brand. And presenter Hannah Hummel even says she discovered more castles in Saxony than in Scotland.

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further articles

Elbland.  The normal annual amount of rainfall has reached approx.

Saxony’s top tourism marketer, Veronica Hieble, will take on the next ITB in Berlin, Europe’s largest travel fair. Because Saxony is the partner country there in 2022. Those who still want to see parts worth watching can find broadcast dates in the Deutsche Welle TV program – for example in livestreams as well. dw.com/de or on youtube.com/dwdeutsch/live

The next dates are on November 13 through Bad Muskau; Episode 7 is about Meissen on 18th December.


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