Revised Scottish rule, this Masonic rite inherited from another century

Revised Scottish rule, this Masonic rite inherited from another century

Brotherhoods (2/6) – An old and very minor rite with a strong Christian tone, Reformed Scottish rule is characterized by having remained unchanged since its creation in the 18th century.

A remnant of medieval corporatism, the fraternal tradition has survived the wear and tear of the ages and is reborn with renewed vigor today. Jealous custodians of their customs, these fraternal organizations uphold ancient art and customs and happily ensure their transmission. le figurearo Went to France this summer to visit the Brotherhood.

,These brothers around me had a special pride“,” recalls Thierry.Wearing an apron and a tricolor cap, a sword in a belt, they impress me!“. Beginning 30 years ago in Freemasonry, everything changed in 2012, for the 52-year-old from Nancy, when, through a friend, she discovered a modified Scottish Rite (or Reign) with a stronger Christian tone . . “This is a rare ritual in the world of Freemasons.“Says Thierry,”Directly inherited from the Age of Enlightenment, and of which nothing has been modified, from many symbols to ceremonial dress,

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