Rugby: Beginning of a cluster within France’s XV?

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Correspondent: A family living in a cabin in the forest threatened with eviction

In their cabin made of mud and grass, which relies on a solar panel for electricity, Jonathan, Caroline, and their two-year-old live peacefully in the middle of the woods. When the cold freezes their water supply, Jonathan goes into the stream to refuel. He left for Paris two years ago to compromise on the plot. “In the first winter, there was little apprehension, because a farmer told us that we wouldn’t be clever in our cabin at -15 ° C”, recalls Caroline. The pair of environmental activists have set up a website to promote their lifestyles. Candidates for a return to nature are more and more accompanying the health crisis. The Municipality of Chosto has filed a complaint “Our initiative is to encourage those who own their own land, but who are committed to reorganizing and preserving the land, to make it available to them.” Not keeping “, Jonathan explains. A dozen people like them settled in these woods. But the city of Chestox has taken legal action: These new residents are set up in an area prone to landslides. “If the municipality does not file a complaint, if accidents occur, the municipality will be responsible.” The family’s threats ended and their hut was destroyed.

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