Saint-Didier-en-Valle: an interracial meeting at the Roger Potter School

Saint-Didier-en-Valle: an interracial meeting at the Roger Potter School

The first intermason meeting of the Roger Potter project took place on Friday, 22 October at the Public College in Saint-Didier-en-Vale.

The Irish from “Door of Hope” won the competition at the end of the general classification.

It was the last event after a series of Olympiads in EPS, French, English, History/Geography.

7 weeks to build a house

Expected and apprehensive, teachers and students had worked hard for several weeks to perfect their name, coat of arms, motto, values, text and song, and thus their home in front of the jury members of Roger Potter College. Presentation completed.

Mrs. Baldonagall welcomed the sixth grade houses down the courtyard. Camille the Snitch, louder than usual for the occasion, gave the opening sign for entry onto the scene of houses that had come to put themselves under their banners, while Lauren, a witch musician, played them on the transverse flute. mesmerized by the sound of .

“I announce the opening of the Roger Potter School’s first inter-house meeting”

Each in turn, Scots of Macleadron (6th), English of Golden Phoenix (6th 2), Irish of Port de l’Espérance (6th 3), Welsh of Griffs de Galls (6th), residents of Skye de Griefclair ( 6e5) wearing T-shirts in the colors of his flag bearer, branding his coat of arms and his chimerical animal, boasting his motto and values ​​that are close to his heart as well as the British flag , presented himself. the nation they represent.

He declared loud and clear thus:

For Mac Liadron:

” we Mack are liadron, our motto isthere is strength in unity, our values ​​are Perseverance, courage and peace, our coat of arms Our element is made up of water and our chimeric animal which is the union of a lion, a dragon and a horse. We represent Scotland as shown by our flag “-St Andrew’s white cross on a blue background-“

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touching texts and interpretations moving

The text, working with his French teacher, adopted the values ​​and motto and was adapted into a song by Cédric Garde on the music referring to the British nation to which he is associated.

Thus, the Mc Liadrons were very successful on Wellerman’s adaptation by Nathan Evans, but stood out on aides by the English Beatles of the Phoenix d’Or. His lessons were so rich, witty and realistic, a call for help to work together and succeed in college. The Door of Hope had changed the Cranberry’s lead “zombie” to “For life, for life, for life..” for the occasion.

Claws of Wells took “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones and Lightclaw, a descendant of the Vikings’ apprentice, advocated white magic: light and wisdom, culture and tolerance to make our world a better place.

after vacation, prefect The film Harry Potter and the Quiz on the Sorcerer’s Stone, which was distributed under their responsibility to the youth of each class, was watched the same morning in the cinema of St. Didier. The students and teachers were dressed in costumes and accessories on the occasion.

NS prefect Corrected the quizzes and then handed them over to Mrs. Baldonagall so that she could finally establish the long-awaited general classification.

The Irish Coronation at the Gate of Hope (6e3)

6 Olympics total, two points away from Mack Liadron. The score was tight but it was Port de l’Esperance who won with a total of 27 points.


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