Sam Heughan wakes up to the annoyance of his fans: For what reason?

Sam Heughan wakes up to the annoyance of his fans: For what reason?

Through his participation in Outlander and the series’ subsequent arrival on the Netflix streaming service, Sam Hughana Has become one of the favorite celebrities of the audience. This is the reason why his fans follow in his footsteps in each of his projects that he participates in, like his other shows, men in kilt, who just said goodbye. However, They express their dissatisfaction with you for an important reason.

The show leads him alongside Graham McTavish, who was his partner in the adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s novels as Dougal Mackenzie. in this space We see the two traveling to Scotland to meet artisans and makers of the nation. very We see them dressed in traditional cloaks and talking about history, for those who don’t know Scottish culture.

“The end of men in kilts is here. Everything we seek, experience, and consume has led us to this very moment. Tell me about your favorite experiences” , the actor posted on his official Instagram account, although he has already warned that he wants a second season: “We barely scratched the surface there”, he saw a few weeks ago.

However, His supporters showed him their anger For a reason close to his heart to Jamie Fraser’s interpreter: Men in Kilts is not yet available in different countries around the world, so they miss out on their experience and have no way of seeing it. “I wait patiently in Germany”; “Wait patiently in the Netherlands”; “We have none in France”; “You’re a show… but in Italy?” »; Some of the comments were.

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for the time being The program is not available outside the UK, although it is the output of production starz plays, a platform which is located in different parts of the world. In social networks of Latin America account (@StarzPlayLatam) There are usually messages asking for men in kilts, but the answer is always that there is no news yet..

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