Scotland: Scottish separatists demand self-determination referendum after sweeping legislative victory

Scotland resumes debate on independence

Scotland (TAMURT) – The final results of the Scottish Local Parliament renewal elections published on Saturday, May 08, confirm the separatists’ dominance in Scotland. The Scotch National Party (SNP), aspiring for Scottish independence, won these legislative elections, winning 64 of the 129 seats in the Scottish Parliament. Satisfied with this victory, for the fourth time in a row, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon immediately called for a self-determination referendum, thus challenging the United Kingdom.

Although the Independence Party did not receive an absolute majority, requiring only one seat, it could still count on the support of the Greens (8 seats), who are also supporters of self-determination. During a speech given at the end of the announcement of the final results of this election, libertarian Nicola Sturgeon called for a self-determination referendum from London to “allow the Scottish people to decide their future”. As a reminder, during the Brexit vote in 2016, the Scottish people voted with 62% of the vote. Following this victory in regional elections, separatists began to dream of independence and a possible return to the European Union. Responding to a request by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Nicola Sturgeon, Boris Johnson considered it “reckless” to demand a referendum in the current context marked by the health crisis. However, the head of the SNP counterattacked in a statement reported by the British press that “any attempt by the British government to block the referendum would be an insult to democracy”.

For Nicola Sturgeon, given the outcome of this election, “there is no democratic justification, on the part of Boris Johnson or anyone else, to prevent the Scottish people from choosing their future”. In any case, the head of the Scottish regional government has threatened to appeal to the Supreme Court in the event of London’s persistence in refusing a self-determination referendum. It should be noted that the chairman of the MAK and the Provisional Government in exile (Anavad) Kabyle hailed, in a statement published this Monday, 10 May, “the victory of the Scottish Independence Party”, “which favors each other in a democratic manner”. Spoke to the -decision referendum”, the British Prime Minister, Mr. Boris Johnson,” as a gentleman, “calling upon” the Scottish people to accept the referendum aspiration.

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