Scottish model turns 50

Scottish model turns 50

She marked fashion with both her unique style, punk and aristocracy, a definite idea of ​​the “cool Britannia” of the time in the 1990s. Because before Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Alexander McQueen, John galliano, There Stella Tennant. On 17 December, he celebrated his fiftieth birthday. Like the blue-blooded model Kate played the popular card, her kind or even farming Erin O’Connor a androgynie Unlike the sublime femininity of the supermodel era, Stella Tennent was discovered accidentally by photographers in 1993 Steven Meisel. Granddaughter of Eleventh Duke of Devonshire and of Deborah Mitford, One of Famous Mitford Sisters Which marked twentieth-century England, the young Scowsman coincidentally pursued a career as the model to perform the most exclusive catwalk and the most cutting-edge magazines. the trend On face passing by Eid, Also lends itself to his beautiful book for the goal of Mark Brothwick Martin Margiela Home.

Thrilled with his unique charm, Karl Lagerfeld She was offered an exclusive contract on the channel, while the Chaumat campaign for which she lent her face marked the history of luxury brand advertising. An ecological activist, a mother of four, she was particularly involved with Oxfam in a campaign to reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion.

According to the british newspaper Guardian, A Scottish police spokesman, said the cause of death, found on 22 December, was not suspicious, while the family called in a statement for confidentiality. On social networks, tributes are immediately multiplied. Start with greetings fromEdward Eninful, Chief Editor the trend Britannica which she did, covered once more and with equal grace, in 2018.

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Her colleague and arrogant Erin O’Connor also expressed her intentions: “Sleep tight”, she wishes him politely in an Instagram post. It is also through this social network Naomi Campbell Paying tribute to her, keeping in mind that Stella Tennant was able to wait calmly in a corner, indulging … in the cauldron.

related to Stella McCartneyA lifelong companion, for his part, he underscores his passion for horses: ” You can ride high above us on the most beautiful horse, peacefully, Confirms the designer who shared her with a deep ecological conscience.


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