Scottish Premiership clubs are planning to introduce ‘broadly support’ VAR in top and select cup matches. football news

  Scottish Premiership clubs are planning to introduce 'broadly support' VAR in top and select cup matches.  football news

After a meeting co-hosted by the Scottish FA and the SPFL, Scottish Premiership clubs backed the initial plans to introduce the VAR.

2010 World Cup final referee Howard Webb, who spoke to 12 clubs on the benefits of its introduction, revealed that the comments were in favor of the technology which he says will be an “improvement”.

A formal proposal on how to implement VaR in elite class and some cup matches will now be finalized before the SPFL puts it to vote.

Webb who implemented VaR in the United States said aerial game: “The process I’ve been involved in so far – has made it clear to me that there is a lot of thought and consultation going on about this.

“No one was in a hurry in anything and it was a well thought out decision. I definitely think it is good value for money, it will improve the game and improve the league. It will also make the officers better in their work and will open up opportunities for executives globally.

“Ultimately, this is a decision for those at the SPFL, but from what I saw today, I think there is a lot of positivity around this project that, hopefully, will make it pass.”

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Highlights of the Scottish Premiership conflict between Aberdeen and Celtic.

what happens next?

SPFL general manager Neil Doncaster expects VaR to be introduced “as soon as possible” in the top flight.

Communication between all parties will continue as formal plans are drawn up before the FBCL vote is cast.

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“It will not be an overnight process, which will require lengthy training and installation,” Doncaster said.

What will the VAR be used for?

Euro 2020. VAR was successfully used at Hampden Park during

We’ve seen VAR implemented in many different leagues around the world, so you know what to expect.

With an additional referee reviewing obvious and obvious errors, he is finally there to give the officials more support.

When a test can take place the base penalty, as determined by FIFA, is limited to red cards, goal positions and any case of mistaken identity when the test can take place.

Can we see something different in Scotland?

One disappointment expressed by many fans is not knowing what happens when an event is reviewed. Well that may change someday.

The Scottish FA and SPFL are exploring how to open channels of communication for fans watching on TV and on the pitch.

FIFA is also looking into this and is looking for other ways to ensure that as much information is shared as to what is happening.

There will be subtle changes to the official use of VAR in this Premier League campaign
Communication with fans during matches on VAR reviews may change in the future

Of course, like everything else, these processes take time and will only be adopted after consultation with FIFA – not to mention the pilot projects already taking place.

Where decisions are made is also up for debate. In the Premier League, all investigations take place in a central centre, whereas in MLS there is a VAR team in each stadium.

How much will it cost?

The Scottish Federation reiterated its proposal to cover the cost of training match officials, with the cost of the match being borne equally by Premiership clubs.

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These costs could be around £80,000 a year for each of the 12 top tier teams, with no other FBCL club required to pay for the technology.

Are we ready for this?

Concerns have been expressed about the number of cameras in stadiums, the amount of training required and more.

As it stands, non-television Scottish Premiership games only have four cameras, but it is understood that this will not be a problem with Webb meeting the minimum requirements if introduced.

We have already pointed out that VAR hubs can be located away from pitches – as in the Premier League – if location is a problem.

Not all regions have goal line technology, but leagues such as MLS have shown that this problem can be overcome as well.

VAR Technology in the Europa League round of 16, the second leg between Celtic and FC Copenhagen at Celtic Park
Will need space for VAR screen in the area

Training will take time, but Webb is confident Scottish football will be ready if the VAR is approved.

He added: “The SFA involved in the formation and development of the referee group has good quality people who will absolutely ensure that when it goes live the officers are trained as well as they should be. To ensure that It’s positive I know it can happen.

“I can’t wait for him to come to life at the SPFL and I’m really convinced it will be a net positive for the competition.”


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