Sean Connery dies of pneumonia and old age, death certificate confirms

Sean Connery dies of pneumonia and old age, death certificate confirms

Sean Connery has died of pneumonia and old age, confirmed by his death certificate.

Connery, 90, died overnight in the Bahamas on Friday, October 30, his family confirmed.

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Certificate obtained by TMZ, Citing “pneumonia, respiratory failure, and old age” as the causes of his death, he also referred to atrial fibrillation, a heart condition that can lead to heart failure and stroke.

In the days following his death, Connery’s wife, 91-year-old French-Moroccan artist Michelin Rockbrook, also revealed that Connery was battling dementia.

“It was no life for him,” he said. “It takes its toll on him. He couldn’t express himself later,” Rockbrown added, adding that after Connery “his ultimate desire was to slip away without any fuss.”

“At least he died in his sleep and he was just so peaceful,” he said. “I was with him the whole time and he moved away. He wanted. ”

Sean Kerner in ‘Goldfinger’. Credit: Batman / Getty

In the immediate aftermath of Connery’s death, tributes were paid from the world of entertainment and beyond.

Michael G., producer of James Bond. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli shared a joint statement on the franchise’s official Twitter account: “We are devastated by the news that Sir Sean Kerner is passing. He was and will always be remembered as the original James Bond, whose inaccessible entrance to the history of cinema began when he uttered those unforgettable words.

“Bond of Name મ્સ James Bond” – He revolutionized the world with his skillful and witty portrayal of a sexy and charismatic secret agent. The Ni series is undoubtedly largely responsible for the success of that film series and we will be forever grateful to them. “

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N N.M.E. The avid actor for Connery “described the big-life film as a legend, surpassing his greatest role,” adding that “his screen work has placed Connery in one of cinema’s most revered immortal places.”


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