Seebe Vanhi gives an overview of British gritstones

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In the Peak District National Park, between Manchester and Sheffield, in late October and early November, Sibe Vanhi went side by side with English traditional classics. In the midst of open moors, he began to learn this demanding style of climbing, characterized by a unique rock formation: the Griston,

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Climbing Griston … This branch of climbing across the Channel differs from the strict ethical, eccentric rules used by Belgian climbers. The rock, a coarse-grained sandstone, gives rise to a climb that gives place to grips, flats and other abrasions. Local climbers, zealously and proud of their practice, made it famous as a good school of climbing … and flying. Indeed, the growth of the gritson, which is performed on the jammer, when it is not a boulder or a hightball, is renowned for its commitment.

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Peak District, a true gristton mecca, rose to fame in 1998 with the hit film Tough patience.

Seebe is an experienced itinerant climber who has already tested himself in many different types of climbing. His three weeks on English soil, On the Rock of God (“God’s Own Rock”) would lead to a film. It will be an opportunity to rediscover a proud and unique practice with its own folklore and its own rules.

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Words to Seibe ​​Wanhi about the trip:

“Many years ago I thought to myself that I would take a great traditional rock climbing trip in the UK. I would travel from the Peak District to the Lakes, Pembroke, Scotland, North Wales, Devon, Gogarth, and more. I took the most classic and historic lines I had a dream of climbing and tasting this strong traditional British culture. This year I was able to embark on this ambitious project with the help of filmmaker Andrea Cosu. We wanted to visit England and explore the essence of rock climbing. wanted to catch gritstone, and that of the inhabitants, which should culminate in a film that we shall call friends of grit,

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This two and a half week journey, in October 2021, was a complete immersion in the experience gritstone, We met a lot of climbing and inspiring people. But it was also lots of wet rock, beer in the pub, and indoor rock climbing sessions. climbing work and in the room Ben Moon.

Climbing and discussion, that was our goal: let me explain. I set some tough classics as targets, like The New Statesman, Parthian Shot And balance, The discussions were to learn more about the history and ethics of gritstone, I had something to do with any local I could find, but mainly with strong legendary climbers gritstone, I met Pete Whitaker, Sam Whitaker, Jim Pope, Ben Heeson, Franco Cookson, John Dunne, and even had a phone call with Johnny Dawes.

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As we all know in the UK, you have to expect quite bad weather and rain. Certainly, getting some good routes was a challenge. But with a proactive attitude and a strong motivation, I took every opportunity to go out. benefit of gritstone, Does it dry out very quickly. The downside is that you need really cool and dry conditions for a tough climb. Unfortunately, those conditions never came, and I couldn’t climb two-thirds of the way up my list. Nevertheless, with the help of the locals who showed me the dry rocks and fine lines, I managed to climb through a good list of classics and experience the essential features of this place. I’ve got my initial questions answered. Why this strict morality? where is she from ? No points or anchors? What collapse theory , What about this weird rating system? Which state of mind is most effective to climb this rock in this style without breaking your feet? Why don’t you go alone? Is it really that dangerous?”

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All of these questions Sibe will attempt to answer in an upcoming film next spring, friends of grit,


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