Selena Gomez shows off the rare beauty lip soufflઓમાં she wore in the ‘Ice Cream’ music video.

Selena Gomez shows off the rare beauty lip soufflઓમાં she wore in the 'Ice Cream' music video.

Selena Gomez Fans showed off her new favorite products Rare Beauty Makeup line in one Vogue “Beauty Secrets” video tutorial, and she’s already worn one of them in a music video.

The video started the same day Her famous makeup collection. And in the midst of taking viewers into the routine of her day-night make-up makeup, she pulled out a product she saw famously in the “Ice Cream” music video with her K-pop collaborators. Blackpink.

“The Lip suffix They’re so simple, they’re so simple, ”The Selina + Shaf Starlight in the video. “So usually I use my signature red. I’m showing you this other color because for Blackpink, I used this in the music video we did.”

The 28-year-old singer discussed how her art of makeup has been embedded in her entertainment career, ranging from music to television, to movies.

“I think growing up, I felt for sure that make-up is a part of my world. And being in different aspects of the industry, it’s really fun to play with it because it builds character when you’re on set. Is, ”Gomez said. “It makes something magical when you’re in music, you can create stories with it. And then for fashion, there are a lot of different ways that they wear, even makeup is expressed. That’s, it’s a part of it. Should be. “

See how Gomez offers all his rare beauty secrets below.

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