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Netflix has now found two main actors for its series “The Empress”: Deviram Linganu has moved into the role of Sissi, who later became Empress of Austria-Hungary, while Philippe Frisant will play the role of Emperor Franz. Katharina Eisen (already “Raj Time”), initially a six-part series listener.

Shooting of “The Empress” is scheduled to begin in spring 2021, with the series planned for release 2022. Showrunner Eyssen Comments: EMPRESS allows us to tell the moving story of Empress Elizabeth to today’s audiences. In line with a modern image of women. Devrim is not only a highly talented, multi-faceted actress, but also a symbol of this woman to me: intelligent, passionate, rebellious. For his part, Philippe Frisant will create something from the role of Franz Joseph that we have not seen before: an ambitious and attractive ruler whose struggle is more topical than ever.

Actress Devrim Lingnau Netflix / Mathias Boer

Historically, a horrific encounter took place in August 1853: between Emperor Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary and Princess Elisabeth von Wittelsbach of Bavaria – and at the same time the sister of the woman Franz Joseph was to be married.

The life and love story of Queen Elizabeth – commonly known as “Sissy” or “Sissy” – has inspired audiences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for generations. According to earlier information, this adaptation of the life story seeks to differentiate itself from the glamorous “Sissy” films: in the first season of its planned adaptation, however, the plot is initially limited to the first months when Sisi Viennese has had come. The court, which makes you feel that takes longer than other adaptations that always try to cover up Sissy’s entire life and therefore move in haste.

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Accordingly, figures and constellations hitherto neglected should also be published. For example, Emperor Franz Josef has never been described as a complex, fragile ruler, although he had an immense influence on European history. His brother is also said to play an important role in Netflix’s Sissy series.

Kranti Lingnau Standout Netflix At the age of 16, he was in front of the camera for the first time and was very busy later, including the lead role in the two-parade “Antar Verdach” (2017) and the novel adaptation “Auerhaus” (2019). Philip Frisant lives in Munich and attends the Otto Falconburg School, a specialist academy for the performing arts. The 26-year-old found her way to acting and was already in front of the camera for the Netflix thriller “Black Island” (appearing in 2021).

Actor philip frisant Netflix / Mathias Boer

Katrina Iysen works with Bernd Lang and Jan Nandzik for writers “The Empress”, while Somerhaus Filproduction’s Jochen Lube and Fabian Maubach as producers.


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