Smith music hits the big screen

Smith music hits the big screen

A look at the great pop group of the 80s, The Smiths, through a film, tells the story of a youth who would take the hostage of his local radio station’s DJ to seduce a girl his age. , And forced the English group to spend all night records.

Morris on vocals and Johnny Mara on guitar, the group’s two leaders and the group’s rights holders, had never agreed to allow the cinema to use its music …

“We knew we would have to access the tracks, and it was a combination of the help of truly talented music supervisors and the personal connections we nurtured for years.”

Stefan Keezak

Screenwriter / director

film title, Shopkeepers of the world, Is a nominated song by the group that broke after 4 albums and only 5 years of existence, but is leaving an indelible mark in the history of pop music….

“The Smith and the Cure, you know, and David Bowie, they like something in their music that talks about the everyday experiences people go through.”

Helena Howard


And as the producers did not do anything, the film threaded together the title of an incredible number of Smiths.

“Smith has 20 songs, most of which were never in films or on TV – I mean, it’s a very special thing and I believe it, it’s not wasted on any of us.”

Joe Mangano

Actor / producer

Shopkeepers of the world Release in theaters in the United States and everywhere in the world is accessible on stage starting 26 March.

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