“Super Wings”: Episode 8, Season 1 Recap Online and on TV

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Image: KiKa, transmitted by FUNKE Program Guide

On Sunday (July 4, 2021) another episode aired on “Super Wings” television at 9:25 am. they have animation series slant Missed and still want to watch Episode 8 of Season 1 (“Monster in the Garden / Sea Monsters Scotland”)? KiKa Media Library can be helpful here. Here you will find countless television programs to stream online such as video on demand after it is broadcast. You can usually find programs online after they’ve aired on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Kika will have no repeats on classic television in the near future.

“Super Wings” on TV: That’s What “Monster in the Garden” Is About

Monster in the Garden: Hollywood’s Riley is about to make her film debut with friends. It should be an exciting monster movie. To make the monsters look real, Riley orders a monster mask that the jet delivers. Jett unintentionally turns into a monster. Unfortunately, though, he doesn’t master the triple corkscrew, one of Riley’s favorite flying figures. It goes without saying that Super Wings help. The talented stunt pilot Jerome is already on his way. Offensive Scotland: Callum lives in Scotland and is fond of playing the bagpipes. He has Jet a very special bagpipe that can make not only music but soap bubbles as well. With this he wants to woo the sea monster Nessie. But unfortunately the first attempt fails and the bagpipe floats into a giant soap bubble. When Jett tries to free him, the bubble bursts and Callum’s bagpipes fall into the lake. Jet needs help and the seaplane Mira is already on its way. (Source: KiKa, transmitted by FUNKE Program Guide)

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“Super Wings” on TV: all the information at a glance

case:8 / Season 1 (“Monster in the Garden / Sea Monsters Scotland”)

On: Kika

style: Animation Series

Year of Production: 2015

long: 25 minutes

hd. In: Yes

Next Episodes of “Super Wings” on TV

Read where and when you can watch more episodes of “Super Wings” here:

episode title weather case date Time Sender Duration
Carnival in Rio, a yurt full of stars 1 10 11.7.2021 9:25 am slant 25 minutes

(Season and episode number information is provided by respective broadcasters and may differ from details in the official episode guide)

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