Terrifying death of Krie’s off-mate alfalfa after a roof showdown with Yasmin

Terrifying death of Krie's off-mate alfalfa after a roof showdown with Yasmin

Coronation street villain Geff Metcalfe died a horrific death on Wednesday’s episode that shocked viewers.

He chased after Yasmin Nazir (Shelley King) and fell down from the roof when he arranged a picnic at his house, but Alya (Sairakhan) managed to catch him by knocking him out.

However, J Gef (Ian Bertholme Ome Mu) slipped and fell, while Yasmin died instantly despite trying to save her life bravely – she was not more afraid of him in the dramatic showdown after finally telling him.

On Monday’s installment, Yasmin was found not guilty of attempting to kill Geoff while bottle-feeding in self-defense in Gauraksha.

Geoff died instantly when he fell from the roof

Jeff arrives at Yasmin’s door with a bunch of flowers, he is snuggling inside the house and trying to manipulate emotionally to get Yasmin back.

Yasmin told him she had lodged a police complaint against him after he was tortured outside the court following his acquittal.

Geoff tried to force Yasmin to sign with him on half of his house, but he belongs to the house and he was half signed with her.

Yasmin screamed for help but no one could hear her

When Yasmin returned home to collect her belongings, she was overwhelmed by the horrific flashbacks of some of Geoff’s cruel moments – before Geoff even arrived.

Geoff attacks Alya at Speed ​​Dahl and tells her that Yasmin has signed her half, and Alya tells Geoff that he told Christine about Geoff’s misdeeds and that she doesn’t want to do anything with him.

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Geoff suddenly grabbed the cash register and hit Alya on the head, knocking her down and laughing before kicking her.

Yasmeen tried to save him when he slipped, but he lost his grip

Arriving home, the drunken Geoff demanded a fresh start with Yasmin and attacked her, accusing her of refusing.

Smiling to himself, J. Fay told Yasmin that Alya had died before pouring petrol on the floor and grabbing a lighter.

Yasmin pleaded with Geoff to stop and reassure her, tried to win her back, but she caught the flame and set the house on fire, Yasmin ran to the roof and pleaded for help, but no one listened. On the sound of celebrations working against bulldozing.

Despite Yasmin trying to save him, Geoff slipped and fell

Knowing that Geoff is dead, Alia warns him not to look at Yasmin

Geoff also climbed onto the roof and was approaching Yasmin, before Alya came up behind him and tried to catch him, trying to stop him.

Finding her courage, Yasmin told GeFan: “You had to make me small to make me feel big, and I went with her and yes I was scared of screaming and messing up, but mostly I felt sorry for you.”

Geoff turned back: “You can’t rewrite history, you’re begging like a dog.”

Jaif had erected the house before chasing Yasmin

“And you enjoyed it, you’re a pathetic excuse for man,” Yasmin said.

He told Alya: “When you are a guard, you are engaged in a movie, you should fly when you hold your mouth open, you should look at it, it sucks its thumb whenever anyone thinks.

She continued: “I’m not afraid of you anymore, do you hear me? If you plan to push me, you look me in the eye and know I’m not afraid of you anymore.”

Brave Yasmin stood up for herself and told Geoff that she would not be afraid of him anymore

Just off fell to catch Yasmin, too, and shouted: “Just don’t lie there, please help me!”

Alya pleaded with Yamsin: “He’ll pull you in with him, he doesn’t deserve it, he’s out of help!”

“I’m not” Yasmin replied, trying to help Geoff by taking off her scarf, but he lost his grip and fell to the ground where he was dead, while Yasmin’s hens hovered around him like the music around him. Was. The protest reached a creshendo.

“Don’t look,” Alya warned Yasmin.

* Coronation Street’s 60th Anniversary Week airs on ITV this week


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