TF1. Viewers anger at the French dubbing of the episode “Ignoble”

Thursday, June 24, TF1 draws thousands of viewers for reunion episode friend, all looking forward to reuniting with the most famous band of friends on the small screen. The joy of watching Chandler, Joey, Monica, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe wander the series’ original sets or miss the highlights of the shoot, however, was influenced by one detail, and not the least. In fact, for its broadcast on TF1, the episode was dubbed with the original French voices, but if we are to believe the comments of some internet users, VF will be “despicable”.

If the dubbing has surprised some, it is undoubtedly because many of them have already discovered the reunion episode this time in the original version, available on Salto from May 27. Others did not fail to notice that this was a “real” reunion as even the French voices were reunited.


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