The Berry family explodes after allegations of incest, attracting stars’ attention

La famille Berry se déchire après les accusations d’inceste et des stars s’en mêlent

Richard Mansory’s ex-wife Jean Manson, unlike Josienne Balasco, condemns the girl’s allegations. Even Carla Bruni and Benjamin Castaldi have taken a stand.

Since Colin Berry accused his father of incest, the family is in strife. Everyone chooses one side or the other and takes no half measures. Very quickly, the young woman is supported by her mother and her cousin, Marillo Berry. Richard Berry’s second daughter, opposite Josephine, defended her father. Now other members of the clan have reacted, always in a strong way. Attitude adopted by other personalities who reacted to the case.

Jean Manson is back in the media

The most brutal reaction is, undoubtedly, of Richard Berry’s ex-wife Jean Manson. The American singer is accused of forcing Colin Berry, like her, then 6 to 10 years old, to participate in sexual games. As such, she did not fail to refute the allegations leveled against her by increasing the number of media interventions.

In a press release, he condemned ” Alleged charge »« I strongly deny the existence of such facts and contest elections. During a short life together and on Richard Berry’s restricted visitation rights to my daughter, I never noticed any inappropriate behavior by Colin. Scores is being taken to work in a family and I am badly hurt She writes

When the family splits, the stars also split

Soon after the outbreak of the affair, Marilou Berry supported her cousin. In Le Monde, she said that with her father, Philip Berry, ” We were really alone to take sides and get in touch with Colin and not to say that she was crazy “. An endorsement that she says she has for seven years is when Colin Berry began discussing the matter within the family.

Marillo Berry shared a story in the publication of the collective “Nous All” with “Support for Colin Berry” and the hashtag #MeTooInceste. Then, this actress’s mother, Joseon Balco, wants to do the same on her Instagram account. But here, an unexpected response came from Carla Bruni. Although she does not belong to the family, she commented on Josienne Balasco’s post: Because are you sure his father is guilty? “. A response that has strongly divided internet users.

Cyril Hanoun’s TPMP event debated the case and among the personalities on his set, another celebrity also indicated his status: Benjamin Castaldi. If he does not react to the merits of the case, he signals his uneasiness: “When We know, and I don’t say that because I am, you have to be very cautious, because one day or the other, it can come back to us, in the good sense, in the bad, and the one that scares me. he said. ” We all need to think about how we treat children when we think that it is not serious! They are young girls, one who is 16 years old, the other 20 years old, and sometimes when I’m not careful, Aurore reminds me, ‘Benjamin beware!’, And she is completely right. We all need to be vigilant. I don’t know what’s true or false in this story, but sometimes adults can have behaviors that sometimes turn into truth or sometimes into fantasy. »

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