“The Deep House” on the water floor holds a wealth of thrill and surprises for its visitors

hold your breath! It is better to look at the perception of apnea deep house by Alexandre Bustillo and Julian Maura. The director duo send the audience and their heroes – some extreme videographers – to explore a submerged house under a lake where they’ll make lots of new friends who aren’t really that good.

Camille Rowe And
james jagger (Mick’s Son) joins the pair of divers who encounter an underwater haunted mansion, which when they come out alive will increase the number of subscribers to their Youtube channel. “Initially, we were planning to make a film that would be 100% underwater, with the protagonists communicating only through sign language,” the filmmakers revealed. 20 minutes, Then we realized we couldn’t hold onto this concept for 90 minutes. ,

The protagonists spend most of the film in a high angle so as not to collide with the furniture of the house and then try to avoid all kinds of unfriendly creatures. “Camille and James actually dived but they were also doubled by divers because it is impossible to spend eight hours underwater on non-professionals”, explain the directors, who are known for in the eyes of the living And inside, Will be smart enough that the audience will be able to separate the stars from the liners as the suspense is captivating and the film is devilishly directed.

The actors, very confident, got wetter than the filmmakers! “We were filming in Europe’s largest basin, near Brussels, whose depth can be adjusted at will,” he recalls. We communicated our instructions via underwater loudspeakers and filmed outdoors with four cameras. As there was so much going on, there weren’t four pairs of eyes to control everything! This explains the mastery of the shots circling into the heart of the building.

A feast for adventure lovers

The filmmakers insisted, “Our idea was to make a haunted house movie while having fun with the genre’s code.” deep house Brings together the ingredients of a good horror thriller and a great park attraction. It’s sweet to shake with these two film-loving directors, whom they practice as talented experts. In the dark water, you can hear howling.

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