The discovery of Nick Worlin, the wacky cousin of Arsne Lupine

«Notre titre de travail était , Clignez de l

Every week, in partnership with the Madelon platform, a collection treasure is found. Build on the success of LupinePopularity of Sajjan Burgers, with Omar C. The opportunity to re-show one of his “cousins”, the protagonist of a series who wanted to steal the Eiffel Tower.

The return of Arsene Lupine, who was immortalized on television by Georges Descheres in the 1970s and today by Omar Syed, is an opportunity, through Madeleine, to redress an injustice: the absence of the Encyclopedia stating the history of the series.

Its arrival on the small screen dates from 1976. That year, the first channel decided, for the first time, to air a summer series. However, it has nothing to do with the summer greens of the 90s.To illuminate“On Thursday evening, the channel’s management presents six episodes in which the protagonist is presented”cousin brotherGentle thief. Under the pseudonym of Nick Worlin, hides a real estate agent, who is actually called Nicholas Rimbaud. The tone is set.

Behind the prudent, serious and peace-loving man, there is a thief who aims to steal the most insane for pleasure rather than money. His profession was born at the age of ten months, when he stole his nurse’s peace. Since entering adulthood, his absolute dream has been to steal the Eiffel Tower. While waiting to receive it, he will bend a national road and the path to Garnon, as well as the sleeping car of the “Paris-Côte Dzur” train, to seduce a song singer who will become his wife. Her encounter with the Loch Ness Monster, who flew out of Scotland to visit the Organs, before a meeting with a young hitchhiker who is actually an alien from Uranus.

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For critics, the set is inspired byyour, Again at the top of the audience, with a touch of surrealism. “Our working title was Wink with me», Philip Niekud, who believes it was a lot of fun to oppose Inspector Lecler, who in the early 1960s let him become a small-screen star in black and white.

Grand adventure

Pol Quentin is at the core of this mini-series. A translator and adapter for foreign plays, he inspired an American novelist Edward E., inspired by Nick Velvet. The protagonist of short stories published by Hotch and published in. Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, A monthly magazine specializing in detective stories. Dialogue by François Boer, the ensemble is produced by Claude Boisol, who, for the occasion, selects an unusual cast in the project’s image. Maurice Birud, in the role of a gangster named Prosper, clowns shoulder to shoulder with Achila Zavatta and Anna Pruknal. The Polish singer breaks her image as a singer, dreaming of becoming the new Bianca Castafor, playing the role of an eccentric singer.

Success is unfortunately not. The audience follows these crazy feats so little that the final episode, Story of water, The disaster is overthrown. Times have changed and the ensemble now deserves a new broadcast. It will allow us to breathe with a certain indifference, the air of imagination and freedom that we really need.

Watch the “Nick Worlin or How to Blow the Eiffel Tower” series here. Two months free membership on Madeleine, then 2.99 euros per month.


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