The Netflix Series “Squid Game” Has Arrived at Dietiker Posenhof

The Netflix Series


Supervision had to intervene: Schoolchildren wanted to recreate the brutal Netflix series ‘Squid Game’ in the Stearnmatz playground

Monitoring the break at the Stearnmat school in the Dietikon was able to prevent a game from getting worse between first to fourth grade children, as school director Reto Siegrist (centre) explained at a city council meeting on Thursday. The school now wants to do educational work.

The South Korean Netflix series “Squid Game” is known for its brutality.


Last Tuesday, some kids from first to fourth grades wanted to rerun the Netflix series “Squid Game” in the playground of the Stearnmatte school building. In Korean production, which is approved for ages 16 and up, the figures are supposed to complement the well-known children’s game. All the losers are killed.

Adapting to the series, the children would have planned the beating as punishment, but break observers intervened in good time and the game remained, school board member Reto Siegrist (middle) explained at a municipal council meeting.

Parents should be made aware of the issue

He informed the Parliament about the incident as an information sheet to the parents was later leaked to the press. After this a journalist talked to him on this subject. “The situation was completely misrepresented,” Siegrist said. It is alleged that the children were beaten up. The school will now respond.

“The series is too brutal and not intended for students,”

Siegrist said. So parents should be made aware of the topic in the context of the series. And Christian Heider, the school’s social work manager, has produced an educational document about the “squid game” to help teachers better categorize the series and be able to address it from an educational perspective.

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