The supernatural final trailer shows the final moments of Winchester

The supernatural final trailer shows the final moments of Winchester

SupernaturalThe series is just a few weeks away from ending, and a new trailer for the show’s final episode is promising a high-stakes finish for the Winchester brothers.

Beyond SupernaturalLater this month, CW released a teaser for a two-hour farewell to its long-running series, which includes a one-hour special titled ‘The Longroad Home’ and the show’s final journey called ‘Shorey Carrie’.

The official summary for the supernatural finale, reading (by) gives a little distance “After 15 seasons, the longest running sci-fi series in the U.S. is coming to an end. Baby is the ultimate ride to rescue people and hunt things down.”

We would expect nothing less from Sam and Dean.


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What we didn’t expect was the recent entry of Jared Padaleki, who recently told fans that the series finale is his “all time favorite episode”.

“[I] He couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out, “he said, agreeing with his co-star Jenson Eccles that his final outing as Winchester is” a fantastic way to wrap up the show “.

Supernatural Season 15


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He said, “As much as I thought about it, I was able to share all the possibilities of what happened, and what should happen, it’s interesting to think that I’m going back to where it happened.”

Supernatural Season 15 U.S. Airs on CW on Thursday at 8/7 C. In the UK, the show airs on 4Music.

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