These artists that he would never invite inside 50mn

These artists that he would never invite inside 50mn

Since 2017, Nikos Aligas has been alone in the presentation of 50mn Inside. If the host receives many celebrities every Saturday, there are others who will never be invited to the event.

It landed on Nikos Aligas TF1 in 2001. The famous Greek has been chosen by Etienne Mougote To present to Star Academy. A program he will host until 2008. Since then, the famous journalist has been on all fronts. In addition to presenting voice, Nicos Aligas, has hosted a 50 million show since 2007, replacing Guillaume Lacroix. As of 2017, Tina Grigoriou’s partner Sandrin co-hosted the show with Quettier. But since then, he is alone on the driver’s seat. Every Saturday from 6 pm Agathe’s father Gets a celebrity, with whom he will exchange the entire show, while meeting another star in the famous “Portrait for the Five Dates”. An event that allowed her to meet Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga among the biggest international stars.

“Who am I to strike him?” “

Just recently again, Nikos Aligas meets Nabila Benatia, Ines Reese, Julian Dore or even Letitia Milot. If celebrities always enjoy answering Call of the masterThe latter does not intend to invite any star. During an interview published in Le Parisien this Saturday 3 April, Nikos Aligas revealed that he was “very careful” with his interview for 50m Inside. “It takes a year for an artist to make a record. Who am I to strike him? If I don’t like it, I don’t invite, it’s simple. And charity is not synonymous with decency 51 year old host. A role light years away One he is in (…)

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