United Kingdom | Boris Johnson comforted by victory in a Labor stronghold

  United Kingdom |  Boris Johnson comforted by victory in a Labor stronghold

(Hartlepool and London) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday considered the victory by his Conservative Party of a Labor and Brexit-friendly stronghold in the north-east of England during local elections as “very encouraging” which is less likely to be in power in Scotland. look favorable. .

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This “Super Thursday” of local elections was a test for the power and unity of the United Kingdom, along with the renewal of the Scottish Parliament, where the Nationalists intend to advance their cause if they win.

In partial legislation, the Conservative Party succeeded in electing MP Jill Mortimer to Hartlepool for the first time in nearly fifty years. With nearly double the votes as the Labor candidate, the ruling party is taking a real dig at Labor and its leader, Keir Starmer, has been attacked by his leftist.

Pushing the “Tories” of 2019 into the Labor “red wall”, these regions of northern England ravaged by de-industrialization and Brexit-friendly, the victory consolidated despite a series of scandals to the prime minister, who has held very close ties. Has exposed power and private interest.

“If there is one lesson to be learned from this campaign across the UK, it is that the public wants us to continue to focus on their needs and their priorities,” Boris Johnson said in Hartlepool. winning candidate.

“This is a place that voted for Brexit. We have achieved Brexit and thanks to that we can do other things,” he said.

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Counting of votes in local ballots will continue throughout the weekend, but for Boris Johnson, the first results are “very encouraging” in any case. They show that the Conservatives have made progress throughout England, and especially in the north, for example by gaining control of the local council of Northumberland.

Starrer “Disappointed”

The election was the first test in elections for Boris Johnson since the Conservative tidal wave in the legislative elections and the entry of Brexit.

“Let’s not forget: Johnson created Brexit, the prime minister is popular with ‘quit’ voters, the Tory government has spent astronomical sums during the pandemic and has run a very successful vaccination campaign “against the coronavirus” and the economy rebounds. doing”, Jane Green, a professor of political science at the University of Oxford, analyzed on Twitter.

It is a disgrace for Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer. With a more centrist line than his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, he promised to get the party back on track by heading the formation a few months after his defeat in the legislative elections.

Calls for change arose early among Labor, with MP Richard Bergen urging the head of Labor to “change direction”.

“Deeply disappointed with the results,” said Keir Starmer to take “full responsibility”. He promised that he would make “every effort” to gain the confidence of voters, without announcing the status of the reshuffle at the party chief.

Scottish independence

In Scotland, the future of the United Kingdom is at stake, with the separatist of the Scottish National Party (SNP) in power, forming First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, in hopes of a major victory in the local parliament to pave the way for a new self-determination referendum. . Full results are expected on Saturday.

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Nicola Sturgeon, comfortably re-elected in Glasgow Southside (60.2 per cent of the vote), said on Friday she was “extremely confident that we are on the right track in the SNP for a fourth consecutive election victory”. Several results announced on Friday bodes well for his party, which captured two of the Conservative’s key constituencies, central Edinburgh and Ayr (West). The SNP also conquered the constituency of East Lothian near Edinburgh at the expense of Labour.

Boris Johnson strongly opposed a new referendum, arguing that the -55% consultation-only to stay in the UK in 2014 could only happen “once in a generation”.

Supporters of a new referendum say Brexit, which was opposed by 62% of Scots, was a game-changer.

In London, conservatives are in danger of becoming disillusioned. Labor Sadiq Khan, who in 2016 became the first Muslim mayor of a major western capital, is favoring a second term against his main rival, the conservative Sean Bailey.


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