Update on restrictions on farming locations in Europe

Comme tous les lieux culturels aux Pays-Bas, le Rijksmuseum d'Amsterdam est fermé jusqu'au 14 janvier.

Total shutdown, return of gauge and curfew… While the Omicron edition continues its meteoric rise, several European countries are cracking down on cinemas and other theaters.

The European world of culture is on guard. General restrictions are increasing in Europe, badly hit by the new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic linked to the spread of the Omicron version of the virus. They influence more and more places of world and culture, again in the eyes of the authorities, after detecting multiple sources of transmission. Overview of the situation in Europe.


‘Closing cultural sites not on the agenda’Culture Minister Rosaline Bachelot said on Monday, nearly two weeks after the nightclubs closed. Despite this, private and local initiatives are on the rise in this area, sometimes out of containment, sometimes out of necessity. In Paris, the Theater Mogador had to cancel performances until 31 December. The Lion King , causing the infection of more than half of his team. Also in the capital, the traditional New Year’s Eve show on the Champs-lysées has been cancelled. And in the world of cinema, some production companies are already planning to postpone the release of some films if no room is contemplating closing its doors when the year-end blockbuster hits. So is the case with Gaumont, who on Wednesday announced the postponement of the comedy’s release by several months. frank dubsky rumba life, and of i love what you do, Philip Gillard’s next feature film.

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Another atmosphere on the plate page. Following a sharp increase in hospitalizations, Prime Minister Alexander de Cru on Wednesday announced the closure of cinemas and other cinemas in Belgium from Sunday 26 December. Museums are not affected by these new measures, even though the government has not ruled out that there could be additional restrictions between now and January in case health conditions worsen. Officials announced that the Omicron variant accounts for more than 27% of contamination in Belgium and should be effective there in the coming days.


In addition to the curfew announced from 11 pm, Denmark on Friday also announced the closure of all places of culture – cinema, theatres, museums – in the kingdom to prevent a new wave of the ‘pandemic’. Some public places such as parks will also remain closed. Measures that do not concern, however, stores and restaurants, are subject to the double constraint of only one gauge and curfew. “We have to limit our activity. We must limit our social contacts”, said Premier Mette Fredrickson.

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Since last Sunday, all cinemas, museums, theatres, concert halls and other places of culture in the Netherlands have been closed, and this is a direct result of new confinement in the country until at least January 14. A sweeping move was meant to ease the pressure that the Omicron version places on the Dutch healthcare system. And that forces many events and meetings to move to the web at the last minute, such as the Rotterdam International Film Festival, which was scheduled to open in January 2022.

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In the wake of Scotland and Northern Ireland, Wales this week announced a ban on cultural events of more than 30 people indoors or more than 50 people. Measures that also affect the game. Places of culture such as cinemas and theaters will have to be submitted in a gauge of a maximum of six people per group. Northern Ireland also decided to close its nightclubs on Wednesday after a record number of daily positive cases were detected. However, no new restrictions were mentioned by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, although the head of government said “Reserve the right to take additional measures to protect the public, public health and our health services“. As in Paris, the Natural History Museum in London intervenes to close after teams become contaminated, closing until 27 December due to a lack of healthy personnel.


Faced with a resurgence of the pandemic also seen in Ireland, Michael Martin’s government announced a curfew on Friday from 8 p.m. in places open to the public, such as pubs and restaurants, but also cinemas and all other places of culture. An initiative in addition to the already existing 50% gauge. Like the rest of Europe, these measures – which should expire on January 30 – are aimed at tackling the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, which will already represent nearly one in three new positive cases in the country, the minister said. said. Prime Minister. In early December, Ireland had already closed nightclubs and imposed a 50% gauge for concerts.

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