Video: COP26 is ending, protests continue

Video: COP26 is ending, protests continue

COP26 is drawing to a close, protests continue

Even at the end of the World Climate Conference, the demonstrations for the accelerated extent of global warming don’t stop. At the convention site in Glasgow, activists disguised themselves as heads of state and government and showed themselves in firefighting uniforms and with buckets of small fire. Message: The world is on fire and you’re taking out too many small guns. Oxfam International Director Gabriella Butcher said: “We want to use the final hours of the discussion to encourage participants to take concrete measures to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.” The World Climate Conference began in Glasgow, Scotland in late October. The meeting was scheduled for November 12, but could also be extended till Sunday. Germany’s Secretary of State for the Environment, Jochen Flasberth, dismissed the criticism, in Glasgow words the actions were not followed. In a radio interview, Flasbarth stated that the assessment that the convention consisted only of “blah, blah and blah” was not true. It is also not true that only promises are made. The EU’s climate protection project was followed by a legislative package that was very specific. There is also an agreement between western states to help South Africa get out of coal. Glasgow’s biggest breakthrough is the climate protection agreement between the US and China. Protesters in Glasgow are looking at it differently. On Thursday, tires of cars were seen torn in the city. A group opposing the production and use of so-called SUV cars is committed to action.


Activists at the Glasgow convention site continued to draw attention to the dangers of global warming on Friday.

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