“We are on quite a mixed or even defeatist sentiment”, regrets Oxfam France

Oxfam France’s climate campaign manager Alice Nacarato condemned the “lack of ambition” on the part of the states.

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“At the moment, we’re on a mixed spirit, even the debacles”, FranceInfo forecast Friday 12 November, climate campaign manager Alice Nacarato at Oxfam France, while the nearly two-week COP26 in Glasgow (Scotland) ends on Saturday 13 November. A joint declaration by the 197 signatory parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is still pending.

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“Maybe the fault of lack of ambition, the fault of reluctance, perhaps even the fault of language”, Alice Necarato regrets it. We talked about this a lot during this COP. We ask the states, we suppress them, we advise them. We can see that this is actually quite sneaky language, at a time when we don’t have time to take half measures, there is a climate emergency.”

“There’s bad weather, floods, storms, droughts. There’s really all we need to do is get all the states to agree to bring this climate justice to life.”

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“There are some interesting points. We can’t say it’s all black. For example, the fact of writing in black and white that we have to run out of fossil fuels. This was never written in a text around the COP There is still reason to be hopeful, but we are far from the target.”, she concludes.

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