“We don’t all need to be the same to be together”

Celeste Godin wants a more inclusive Acadia, but without losing its specialties. In his text, which would serve as a general thread for the television production La Fete en Acadée: Tableau de Backyard, the artist wanted to invite Acadians to reflect on this question, taking inspiration from the poem by Guy Arsenault.

In a backyard tableau, it’s all about the little things you don’t always notice at first glance. In her animated text for the August 15 special, Celeste Godin wanted to parallel it with Acadia.

“There are a lot of people who wonder if they are really a part of Acadia. My big message here is to say that all those people who might have fallen into the cracks of the Acadian floor, who find themselves often enough in the media. They are also related to Acadia,” declares Celeste. Godin, poet and playwright, who wrote a text specially for the occasion.

He especially thinks of Acadians from Quebec, of Newfoundland, of exogamous couples, Francophones of Saint-Jean, of Halifax, or even people with different cultural tastes, to name a few.

“We don’t all need to be the same to be together,” recalls the artist.

“Acadia is like an intricate mosaic and there is a piece for everyone. Maybe it is just that we see some songs more often than others…”

Known for his cutting pen and his critical eye, Celeste Godin would like to propose a unified text for the Fête Nationale de l’Acadie, perhaps less intense than usual, but certainly not lacking in flavor,’ the author promises

“Of course, I’m less intense than usual, but at the same time, if we put on a show and then we have Acadian people’s ears, I didn’t hesitate to mention a few things. Which are a little more difficult, but Still in the mood for a show on 15th August.”

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The artist feels fortunate to be able to talk to the Acadians as a whole through television. It is not every day that writers have this opportunity.

“As someone who writes about Acadia, it’s unbelievable to have this kind of direct connection to people. Was wondering what to say for a long time. This is a big opportunity. This is the first time a show like this has been hosted in Halifax. Hosted by someone from

In addition, the show brings together a number of musicians from southwestern Nova Scotia, the region to host the next Congres Mondial Acadian in 2024. Among the sixty cast, we feature Pete Bellevue, Cy, Countess Claire, Mike Se Vic, Jacques Surret and Sluice. Celeste Godin specifies that composers from the Baie Sainte-Marie and Par-en-Bas regions are renowned for creating works that go beyond the more famous Acadian music.

“I am particularly proud that people will be able to see what is happening in southwestern Nova Scotia. In addition to Baie Sainte-Marie, there are several acts that shoot in the Argyll of Par-en-Bass in the area next door. The public will see places they have never seen. There are some things in the show that are going to melt your mind.”

Presented Sunday night at 9 PM on Radio-Canada, the show will end live on the stage of the AKD Rock Festival in Moncton. Celeste Godin will also join the cast of Fry Jam on August 17th.

The artist is also working on writing a piece for the Satellite Theater that will focus on space and humanity, as well as philosophical, existential and scientific. Remember that Celeste Godin published the play Overlap.

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