What health protocols in the United Kingdom?

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The school year also began in England. This Thursday, September 2 at 11 p.m., French television journalist Mathieu Boiseau examines health protocols at the school.

In many European countries it is time to go back to school. This is especially the case in the UK, where restrictions are a bit more flexible. “If one student tests positive for Covid-19 and another student is in contact, there is no need to self-quarantine. You need to have a PCR test, but keep going to school while you wait for the result. It is valid. This is for England, Wales and Scotland, but not for Northern Ireland. “A journalist for France Television made the announcement this Thursday, 2 September at 11pm in the London duplex on FranceInfo.

Some barrier measures have also been eased in some countries in the United Kingdom. “Masks are no longer mandatory in schools in England and Wales, but are mandatory in Scotland and Northern Ireland. After that, social distancing was no longer required in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but Scotland continued. This is a rule. “, Description from Matthew Boiseau.

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What health protocols in the United Kingdom?

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