When Boris Johnson’s advisers scoff at health restrictions

Le premier ministre britannique Boris Johnson.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson came under fire on Wednesday 8 December after a video surfaced where his top advisers mocked him for hosting a Christmas party in Downing Street in 2020, when the Covid-19 The reason rallies were banned. Footage obtained by ITV News shows Allegra Stratton joking about her then-press secretary, Councilor Ed Oldfeed, as well as another colleague “Fantasy Party” No journalist was present during the preparations for the press conference on 22 December.

According to footage, Allegra Stratton is answering questions about a Christmas party in Downing Street last Friday, when an alleged meeting that broke health regulations took place. “This imaginary party was a business meeting without social distancing”, she jokes among other fake exchanges “Cheese and Wine”, At the time, London was under strict restrictions due to the health crisis and indoor gathering of two or more people was prohibited.

Downing Street insisted that there was “No Christmas party. The rules of Covid have always been respected”,

Labor Party (Opposition) leader Keir Starmer condemned the government’s behavior “shameful”, “People across the country followed the guidelines even when they were separated from their loved ones. They have a right to expect the government to do the same.”, he tweeted. “It is shameful to lie and make fun of these lies. We have a Prime Minister who has distanced himself from the truth.”, he hammered.

Scottish National Party leader Ian Blackford felt the prime minister was no longer trustworthy and demanded his resignation. NS “Govt violates its own covid rules and then jokes about it in a video”Ian Blackford said on the STV News TV show. “It’s not really acceptable and unfortunately, I must say that based on this behavior (…) he should go, and he should go now”, she added.

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