Will Daniel Laruso and Johnny Larens team up in Season 3?

Now it’s the first two seasons Cobra Kai Available at Netflix, Karate child Enthusiasts everywhere have already banned the follow-up series. The series runs three decades after the original film. Once again in the first two seasons, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) is paired with Daniel La Rosso (Ralph Mchchio). At the moment, they’re sensible, training students to get closer to karate.

Ralph Mchio (L) and William Zabka ‘Cobra Cai’ | Taylor Hill / Filmmagic for YouTube

The outcome of events – as well as the character growth that occurs in the first two seasons – makes a team between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Laruso possible, even if not inevitable (even if both members are a little reluctant at first).

[‘Cobra Kai’ season 2 spoilers ahead]

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Diving into the first two seasons of ‘Cobra Kai’

At the beginning of Cobra Kai, Johnny Larens is a middle-aged old man in his destiny to stay away from the chaos of a teenager who doesn’t seem to be able to break out of his past. His character clearly contrasts with the successful Daniel Laruso who owns multiple car dealerships and rides on the slogan “We will kick off the competition”.

Johnny Lawrence reluctantly takes a student after seeing him knocking in the parking lot. He begins to teach the child the Cobra Kai way – his old dojo. This is the only problem: the “no pity” aspect teaches children to be ruthless, vindictive, unjust and immoral. Over time, it turns out that this method of instruction is flawless – creating cowardice with the ability to fight, as men and women oppose integrity and the ability to defend themselves.

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Before Lawrence could fully begin teaching his students the “right way,” his old man, John Chris, returned. Lawrence has a soft spot for the man and lets him help. Yet, through a series of crease counting events and some unforeseen circumstances, students begin to respect it more. And, Chris took the dojo behind Lawrence’s back, leaving the original Sensei without the students. All the while, Laruso is training the children on how he learned karate under Mr. Miyagi.

Lawrence has nowhere else to come in season 3 of ‘Cobra Kai’.

Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Laruso no longer have a competitive dojo: Lawrence is out of the dojo, and will take charge of the crease. If Lance takes care of these children as they seem, and Chris doesn’t want to encourage them with the wrong concepts of courage and bravery, he will do everything in his power to end the dojo.

Lawrence can turn to L’Russo, explain what happened, and work on establishing a unified dose as both countermeasures. They can confront parents as a unit to explain why their children should not learn under the crease – why the man is dangerous.

Those who respect Lawrence will listen, and those who love and respect Laruso will also hope that Chrissa’s reign of terror will come to an end. All remains to be seen, but as Lawrence’s son rejoices in the recent attack and turns to Lus Raso as a father’s figure, many reasons for aligning the two have surfaced.


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