Will Euro 2021 become a “super-contaminated” event?

Will Euro 2021 become a

Following the appearance of an outbreak of contamination linked to Euro matches, concerns are growing. Especially before the semi-finals and final in Wembley, London, while cases are increasing due to the delta variant in the United Kingdom.

Switzerland believed it till the end. Till the end of the penalty shootout against Spain on Friday night. Nati will not go to the semi-finals of Euro 2021. On his return from St. Petersburg, the whole country is preparing to celebrate, especially to celebrate his exploits against France in the 16th round.

More cautiously, some fear that this return of the Swiss “home” will be accompanied by an outbreak of Covid-19 infections. Just like with the Finnish fans, back from St. Petersburg. “Finland almost ended the spread of COVID-19 with only 55 new cases reported on 17 June”, pay attention The Moscow Times. “This figure climbed to 355 on 1 July”, 40% of them are linked to the two matches played by Finland in St Petersburg against Russia and then Belgium.

In Switzerland, interviewed by epidemiologist Antoine Flehault, television channel Lake Geneva, anxiety. I am not saying that Swiss fans will come back with the virus that will create a new wave this summer. that no one knows anything about it”, He emphasizes. “I’m afraid there might be a risk.” also remember wembley Lake Geneva, “15% of Scottish supporters have returned with Covid”. That is, about 2,000 people.

60,000 spectators at Wembley for the final

a position that, from Lausanne, time sums it up : “Take an international competition spread over a month in 11 European countries, with a constant flow of supporters and athletes. Add a good dose of variety


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