Wonder! Secretly made movies

  Wonder!  Secretly made movies

Nowadays everyone has a camera at all times, which is increasingly difficult for filmmakers and studios to keep their top-secret truly secret. But sometimes they manage to do it, in a surprising way.

The films that followed were actually shot in secret, And the mystery of their existence was revealed only when everything was already there – or even just a month or two away from release, which certainly enhances the surprise effect. At a time when big movies are hypnotized from years ago, it is very refreshing that there are some that were made before anyone knew about it.

Borat – follow-up film film

Claimed 2007 True baron cohen He still ended up with his controversial cult figure, Borat Sagdyyev, but because of that! In the summer of 2020, Cohen was seen in Los Angeles in a burrat costume (and previously in different disguises in other locations) while he was filming something … leading to speculation that he might be a There may be a sequel. Borat – cultural study of America to benefit the glorious nation of Kazakhstan Is in use In early September 2020, rumors surfaced that the sequel had already been shot, edited and shown to selected studio managers. After a while they confirm Amazon studio After a few weeks it all started Borat – follow-up film film already.

Blair Witch

Also with a pathetic sequel effort Blair witch 2 Came after the original Blair witch project nothing. This all changed in the summer of 2016, when it turned out at San Diego Comic-Con that one was under the (fake) title Forest The filmed and found footage horror film is actually a Blair witch project-The combination was prior to the premiere of SDCC Lionsgate Even to the point that he released a trailer for the film and still kept his identity a secret. Even in SDCC he was in the beginning Forest Until the audience understood what was happening during the first screening. After that, all promotional material was swiftly exchanged to reflect the film’s original title: Blair Witch.

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under the skin

Secretly watching a movie Scarlett Johansson It is not so easy to imagine the twist. But you put a black wig on it and you put yourself in a white van, and off you go! As a seductive, human-killing alien, Jonathan Glazer leaves him under the skin Wandering through Scotland, mostly without a fixed script and with a hidden camera, to create an instantaneous, “real” conversation between Johansson and disgruntled passersby. Often the people they were talking to did not even know they were part of the shooting of a film – a form of secrecy as well. Small digital cameras were attached to the car, from which Johansson spoke to the men on the street, while Glazer gave his stage directions with a button in his ear. The film is as bizarre.

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After many bad big budget flops (above all) Mythology of ang And after Earth) wanted to M. Raat Shyamalan Bake small rolls again. So he took a $ 5 million loan and made sure that he self-financed his new project to complete his creative freedom and that no studio was on his neck. Under the work title Beautification It began in early 2016, and when the shooting was over, Shyamalan worked with the sound of a long-found footage film during post-production. All major studios thanked after seeing the rough draft until the next amendment. Universal It was agreed to release the film. result: Visit Shyamalan received the best reviews in years and grossed nearly $ 100 million.

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A ghost story

Casey Affleck As a ghost under a white bed sheet, who plays his bereaved wife Rooney Mara. A ghost story There is a film that tests viewers’ patience – just the infamous scene in which Mara eats an entire cake in real time … because David Lowy himself was not sure if this experimental concept would work (which would surprisingly make it Likes) and what the end result would look like, he took the film out of his pocket and secretly shot it in the summer of 2016, practically around the corner by himself. Four months later, when the shooting was completed over a long period of time, it was first reported, and another two months later it celebrated its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Successful experiment!

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