WWE SmackDown Result, RAP Cape, Grade: Roman Imperial Convincing Teams With Jay Uso, New Women’s Title Challenge

WWE SmackDown Result, RAP Cape, Grade: Roman Imperial Convincing Teams With Jay Uso, New Women's Title Challenge

As Roman Raings prepares to defend his universal championship against G Yuso at the Klush Champs Championships, Raines can be expected to carry out a standard heel-style attack on his cousin. Instead, Friday night’s SmackDown saw a two-man team clash against Sheamus and King Corbin – although Rains was absent from the majority match.

The Kings, who vowed the night before that they would have kicked out So Sona by beating that kind of thing when they both had children, dropped So Sona in the main event of the Tosag team before making a very opportunistic appearance to hit the pinnacle score. Yuso is still willing to accept the Rhine because of his loyalty to his family, but Sept. There is obvious tension between the two front in the two pay-views, mostly because one of Raines’s products cares more about its current state than the one it has. Long was by his side.

Read on for recaps and highlights of the all-night action.

Roman Reigns and G. Uso join

Roman Rains and Paul Heyman entered the ring for a show-opening promo, Hayen immediately noticing the fact that Jesso Yuso, Raine’s cousin, won the No. 1 contender spot before welcoming So Gold into the ring on SmackDown last week. After So Soo arrived at the ring, Heman confirmed that the injured Big E had the idea to change to a deadly four-way to determine the clash at Reliance’s Clash Champs Championship with U Soo last week. The rulers promised Uso that, as soon as they were little children, he would “stumble upon his ass,” which Uso laughed before King Corbyn was interrupted. Corbyn claimed the whole situation was a preparation to meet a hand-picked opponent, who had just become a champion of the champion. Next up after the disruption was Shiamus, who endorsed Corbyn’s theory. Eventually the Reagans formed a team against Shiamus and Corbin late at night and challenged for a Tug match.

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G. Uso and Roman Regens Def. By Shinmus and King Corbin Pinfall After the regime struck spears on Shamus. The regime stopped Uso early on, not coming out for the match as Yuso stopped fighting two big bruises in two big situations. As Shamus was about to hit the Brog kick, Raines’ music hit and led to a disturbance that U Son took advantage of both men before going for a US splash on Shamus. The rulers struck a blind hit, and speared Shamus to steal glory from the pin.

The heel run of the Roman Reigns is a great start with its opportunistic methods. He won the universal championship at Pebak without lifting heavily in the match and technically won the match the same way. So Son might have won the match himself, but Raines is now a heel, and thus, a proud hog. The tension between the regime and Uso is interesting and different from the standard WWE dynamic, so it’s hard to complain about it even if the overall angle for the night wasn’t exciting. Grade: B-

Bailey explained the attack on Sasha Banks, challenging the new title

Bayel cut an in-ring promo last week with a chair attacking Sasha Banks, saying he knew she wanted answers to why she was attacking banks, but instead asked questions. He asked if Banks thought he was an idiot who didn’t know what his partner was thinking. Bailey knew, she said, that the banks had been waiting for the moment to strike after keeping her for years, but said that after last week, she realized Bailey was now completely useless to her.

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Nikki Cross Def. Tamina, Lacey Evans and Alexa Bliss by Pimifol After pinning Tamina with a sunset reversal. Cross made his entrance as Bailey was leaving the ring, only to be soon attacked by SmackDown Champ. The question of what effect Find’s time with Bliss had on him was a question before Bliss hit the cross with sister Abigail outside the ring by match. Anand then left the match and walked backwards. Evans kicked Tamina out with women’s rights before she was expelled by the cross. Then hit the sunset flip on Tamina to hit the cross pinf fall and get the title shot at Clash Champ f Champions.

Bailey had a promo that one should expect. She attacked the banks before the banks attacked her and no longer saw any value in their friendship because it no longer benefits them. And the moment of joy was a solid move in a storyline that has been evolving over the past month. But we saw Cross Challenge Belle twice for the SmackDown title in July, including Extreme Rules. The WWE pattern of playing matches on the ground is exhausting at this point and serves a little more than a cross month challenger. Also, the match itself was completely forgotten. Grade: C +

What else happened on WWE SmackDown?

  • Intercontinental Championship – AJ Style Def. By Jeff Hardy (C) Incompetence. Before the match, Sammy Zane interrupted to claim to be again True The intercontinental champion was trying to put him “on record” that the match was not a title match, but was knocked out by Adam Pierre and WWE Security. After a bit of solid action, Zen pulled the style down from the ring apron for an inconvenience before running to hit a heluva kick on Hardik. Hardick stumbled and after the match called him “dehydration” because of a backstage visit to Styles and said he could beat both men, he probably did. Clash of F-Clash is approaching the three-way.

  • Lucha House Party Def. Caesar and Shinsuk Nakmura by Pinfall While Callisto pinned Cicero with a roll-up. Before the match, Cરોsar and Nakamura argued with the backstage of Street Profits and were then distracted when they were shown Ron Tag Champs showing a “small party in the champion lounge” on Tron. The disruption allowed Callisto to steal the pin.

  • Otis Def. John Morrison by Pinfall After hitting the caterpillar. During the match, Miz stole Otis’ money from a bank lunchbox, presumably fulfilling what Morrison didn’t do when the motorists stole the briefcase, just to find out that Otis had a title match contract in the lunch box. Later, Otis revealed that Meez was stealing a Lunchbox, but no This Lunchbox, he was still in his briefcase rather than announcing the contract.

  • Bry White introduced a new friend at Firefly Fun House. Surprisingly, it was not friend Alexa Bliss, but a parswelling parrot. Pasquale did not get out of the box, where Wyatt tried to reveal it, and after “technical difficulties,” Wyatt said he should have cut some holes in the box, and the parrot died. Vince McMahon then appeared to be a puppet, saying that Wyatt could not handle the fun house’s responsibilities and announced a new “special adviser” to the househouse, the puppet on Pob Heyman, Wobbly and Lars.

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