Zverev enters the third round with ease

Zverev enters the third round with ease

NoOf course it is about victory; Even the best collection of unforgettable moments isn’t complete when the other one wins. But what Oscar Otte experienced at Wimbledon last June evening will fill many pages in his album of memories.

It would probably be an exaggeration to say that he pushed the great Andy Murray to the brink of defeat, but without his fearless, cheeky demeanor, it would never have turned into the spectacle of a special sport. Murray led himself and his men to victory with timpani and trumpet in five sets, Otte made a powerful impression and reminded emphasizing that not only boys in the top hundred of the rankings can play great tennis.

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The 27-year-old from Cologne has been a professional for ten years, most of which he spent on the Challenger Tour. It is extremely difficult for world rankings to collect so many points that they are enough for the main draw of a Grand Slam tournament, and usually only a rocky road through qualification helps. Which is to be taken very literally in the case of championships, as the grass pitches in the qualifying tournaments in Roehampton are notorious for their position. But he made it to Wimbledon for the first time, finishing in the main draw in Paris a few weeks ago and considered himself up for victory in five sets spread over two days.

In Paris he lost to Alexander Zverev after a 2–0 lead in five sets; In the beginning he hit every ball, in the end he ran out of fuel. But the challenge against Murray was huge in every way; A game on the world’s most famous tennis court against the two-time Wimbledon winner, 7500 dead fans in the stands, Scott’s 238th Grand Slam game, the Cologne player’s sixth game. But Otte could hardly have done better.

First take a deep breath—but new avenues are likely to open up for Oscar Otte.

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Of course everyone was there for Murray, he said later, but he tried to get as much good energy out of the scenes for himself. Sometimes he would throw balls at Murray’s feet with such force that it was as if lightning had struck; Then he patiently engaged in backhand slice duels, never feeling like he was up for the job. but unlike; Murray sometimes felt like he could think of nothing more to annoy this cheeky, unconventional guy on the other side.

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