4 Finance Ministers in the last 4 months – Economy

4 Finance Ministers in the last 4 months - Economy

According to some observers, there is a growing belief that Britain is over, and only radical and risky methods (a la liz truce) can reverse the country’s decline, from the rank of second economy globally in 1950. was gone. That current sixth . until

The British Conservative Party (Tory) expressed Four premieres in just six years, Italy is still leading in the long run – a new government every thirteen months since 1945 – but Britain is drawing closer. Even more shocking is the fact that London Four finance ministers in the last four months,

The current Tory prime minister, Liz Truss, is likely to fall within weeks due to revolts from lawmakers from her own party. they were fatal Negligence in disclosure of tax deduction Which terrified the markets and finance.

The truce has avoided a further fall in the pound and interest rates for some time with the arrival of a new finance minister, Jeremy Hunt, who on 17 October announced almost all the changes announced by the premier regarding the tax cuts. was cancelled. But this is probably a step taken too late. Former Conservative leader William Hague argues that Its political existence is “hanging by a thread”., For Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the truce is “unfit to hold this office”.

What can the Tories do to get out of such a complicated situation? If it goes to the vote now, they will be politically wiped out. In addition, the party’s internal rule prohibits the leader (and therefore also the premier) from taking away his confidence before one year has elapsed since he assumed office. apart from this Conservatives have some plausible alternative candidates, And among these, would anyone agree to pilot a ship that risks sinking, burning down their political career?

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According to a report by British journalist Gwynne Dyer in ‘International’, there is a growing perception that UK has come at the terminusand that only radical and risky methods (ए la liz truce) can reverse the country’s collapse, which is From the rank of second economy globally in 1950 to the current sixth position (outside India).

The first attempt to reverse the trend emerged – according to some observers – with Brexit, extreme neoliberalism, as proposed by Truss, was another attempt. fail.

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