60,000 people in London final?: Medical EM advisory sees partial admission of fans as “sure thing”

60,000 people in London final?: Medical EM advisory sees partial admission of fans as

Former national coach Vogts remembers 1972 and 1996

Former national coach Bertie Vogts advised the German national football team to show confidence in the European Championship round of 16 in England. Vogts recalled in the “Rhenish Post” that the DFB teams won at London’s Wembley Stadium in 1972 and 1996 on their way to winning the European Championship title. In 1972 the DFB team won 3–1 in the first leg of the quarter-finals, followed in the 1996 semi-finals with Vogts as coach on penalties.

“In both cases we played big games. This creates respect in the British. You know: the Germans aren’t afraid of Wembley,” the 74-year-old wrote in a column on the game next Tuesday (6:00 p.m. / ARD & Magenta TV). “The German team has to go into the game with this spirit: We want to win, we still have a lot to do in this European Championship and we don’t want the British to hold us back.”

Vogts suggested pulling Joshua Kimmich from the center right for the encounter, as he did in the second half against Hungary, to get more stability there. “You can tell that Kimmitch doesn’t feel right in the game, because a completely different dynamic can arise at the centre. And against England, someone who thinks defensively at HQ would certainly do well,” Vogts said. said. But national coach Joachim Lowe knows what’s important.

Record national player Lothar Matthos told TV broadcaster Sky Sport News: “When you consider that Joshua Kimmich played in four different positions yesterday, I don’t know if that would contribute to safety. A clear plan looks different. “

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Vogts promised to give DFB players an experience they’ll never forget for the rest of their lives: “Playing at Wembley Stadium, experiencing a game like this in this environment, it’s an absolute charm.” Thomas Helmer, who was in the 1996 semi-finals. “It’s actually a little easier for our team than for the Hungarians, I’m relatively sure of that. I think the burden is more on the British,” said Helmer In Sky Sport News.

Former national player Torsten Fring warned that the England team was capable of taking advantage of mistakes. “We have to allow ourselves fewer mistakes. England will tear us apart if we give them as much room as we gave against Hungary yesterday,” Fring said. (dpa)


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