A budget change is on the way

A budget change is on the way

Gualtieri junta is aiming to restart Rome, but needs the money and also immediately. Also, for this reason, the money recognized in the folds of the Capitoline budget represents a godsend. Money, 32 million euros to be exact, which will go into a budget change. In accordance with general administrative practice yesterday, proceeding by the Capitoline Council for the resolution to be approved by 30 November.

Where did these 32 million euros come from?

A survey was conducted on the entire balance sheet, for both the current portion and investments. Specifically, with respect to the current part, a check was then made on higher and lower revenues, cost savings and any new financial need that may arise. This verification revealed a negative balance for revenue, equivalent to approximately €27 million, despite there being 54 million more revenue for COVID refreshments. The savings, on the other hand, resulted in a savings of about €59 million.

In this way a huge potential has emerged for spending the equivalent of about 32 million euros in total. Of these, 5 million will be used for extraordinary interventions on roads and drains; Instead about 5 million euros will be allocated for the extraordinary cleanup that has already begun. The remaining 22 million euros will be used to strengthen the ability to provide core services to citizens, both quantitatively and qualitatively, based on requests received from municipal offices.

With regard to the investment related portion, approximately 170 million unutilized has been identified for this year. Of these, about 101 million have already started in programming for 2022 and 2023, while 69 million are not usable in current programming and will be used for new investments that will be programmed with the new 2022-2024 budget. .

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“The Municipality of Rome needs a strong and rapid restart. We have the resources, especially on investment, but we must strengthen our planning and implementation capacity, as well as tenders in full compliance with the most advanced regulations Must announce and award. Already working on budget plan for the city to achieve its goals. Simultaneously, we strengthen our spending capacity, for the benefit of Roman and Roman women’s needs In addition, the numbers financial statements tell us that, due to the situation related to the pandemic, the Municipality of Rome has difficulty in obtaining revenue, which in order to provide quality services to citizens is necessary. Therefore we will also work to improve our efficiency in the collection”, commented deputy mayor and councilor for the budget, Sylvia Scosze.


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