“A tennis player gets used to coping with pain, but when you come back from a long injury, physical discomfort plays through your mind”

Umag se, our correspondent

[2] J Papi B. [1] C. Alkaraz 6-7 (5) 6-1 6-1

unbeaten run Carlos Alcarazu To Plava Laguna Croatia Open Umag, The defending champion surrendered in three sets. genetic sinner Joe came out of a difficult moment at the start of the second set after losing the first set in the tie-break. He saved six break points, three of which were consecutive. This was the turning point of the meeting: Alcarz is now ready to leap to the finish line, Papi’s tenacity to stay in that game began to cause some cracks in the Spanish certainties and of course she was a very healthy carrier of confidence for Jannik, was good at reacting again with the opponent and to take the partial indigestible bagel Virtual.

If attempts to guess the sinner’s reaction in the first game often resulted in errors, ours began to respond with more consistency and straight points for the Spaniard fell sharply. Alkaraz continued to play at least two more shots with his stellar recovery, but his performance in the exchange collapsed in the face of blue rebound fundamentals, which gave him confidence, fast and deep, and The third set was almost a photocopy of the second, with Jannik being the utterly dominant and master of the field.

match – It is the first Umag final with two top 10s and the Tour’s second youngest (after Alcaraz-Museti last Sunday in Hamburg) since 2005, when Nadal and Berdych faced off at Bastad. The two have won five career titles, losing only one final: a good business card, plus, a mutual warning in this matter. In addition, Sinar recorded a 7–0 win against Spanish tennis players this season, while Carlos’s 3 of 6 losses this season were at the hands of Azurri. And the last match between the two is a four-set victory in the second round of Wimbledon four weeks ago.

We start with the sinner who keeps the joke with no problem and immediately proves more aggressive in response; its accelerations are what tear Oh Of the public, largely positioned in his favor, but there is no shortage of supporters of Carlitos. Both players ask and serve gets a lot, the sun has already sunk behind the west stand but The air is still hot and dry and the ball travels fast, in some exchanges it looks like both are playing on the belt.

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In the seventh game, Janic still faces 30 after a double fault and makes a mistake with a backhand off the low ball, but is pulled out of a potentially dangerous position.ace and correct network connection. He takes a very advanced position in the reaction (with the Spanish the impact is first just behind the bottom line), but still does not achieve the expected result. Indeed, Carlos is the first to reach “40” in response, Two consecutive blue seconds away from the goal, but after missing another in the game immediately returns the favor by putting the answer on the net. No problem for second-place Alcarz, when Jannik continues to try to time the answer. Maybe he could have taken some time at least in the twelfth game to start trading And then who knows. Instead the tie-break becomes easier for the younger.

At first 202 km/h and the reaction of Carlitos which does not slow down and is 3-1. Marcia’s orbit of 2003 again responds well, and with the point moist followed by a raised lobe. The sinner returns partially and chooses to go away at less than 4-5 years of age; The second takes the opportunity to follow the serve over the net, but does not need to play a volley. At the next point, he moves closer to the bottom line and the strategy pays off at the last minute, but At the second set point it seemed that two consecutive winners were not enough. (straight ahead in the first outer and opposite corners) because Alkraj reaches there and finally he bowls a low ball too. On which Yannick could have done better with a complicated half sprint and so is Spain 7-6. Very few times the sinner has managed to initiate the exchange in retort.

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The young woman next to us sees these words and we recommend, “you don’t copy, huhShe smiles instead of shutting down the laptop with an angry slap like she did the other day. Security Along with the obvious problems of insecurity, which we won’t go into here.

Carlos seeks straight answers with disturbing ease and takes the first two points of the second game, then is objectively good in a two steal, but Sinner’s smash is shy and gets pierced by a Spanish stone—the classic point that would excite anyone, to Alcarz. leave alone feeds on these conditions. 0-40 is treated, but the opponent continues to respond, shooting a ball so low along the line to a winner that he should not even try, the long line; In the meantime, however, the three outside advantages fade away and the sinner retains the flavor of the turning point game. keep drop shot win. As is the case after many failed opportunities (“That game was the key to the match” Carlos would then confirm, “It gets difficult if you don’t change those chances with players like Jannik”), the break arrives on time, which Sesto’s 20-year-old confirms without difficulty, noting that he would have to make two cancellations. Chance A sudden return to a game whose importance is evidenced by some poor play by both.

Although it is number 5 in the world that has lost a bit of thread, Jannik now responds well, giving the masses a space driton that ignites the wind and flies 4-1. Those six unused break points translate into six games in a row. For the sinner who equalized the prescribed count. One difference immediately catches the eye: In the first game, Alcaraz got 83% in the second; 25 in the second set Starting to read the report and fielding the answer proved decisive – not that there was any doubt about it: “He started playing better and better and I can’t find a solution now” Carlitos will accept.

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Technical Points: Our coaches analyze the genetic sinner, shot by shot, photo by photo, under the microscope

Carlos takes it lightly breaking the toilet And starts again in a very solid way, but defies the notion already in the third game, causing many headaches for Jannik who comes out spotless and asks for the public’s support. The level of the match is very high, the ball goes very fast but goes back deep as if nothing has happened. Papi plays a counter-damp so perfect that he laughs, while the two missed opportunities by Alcarz can’t help but think about the turn of the second piece. A right view due to the blue reaction from the left You can hear the snap but almost not see it, so much so that the nineteen-year-old has time to attempt the defense behind his back, the ball flies and it is a pause. Jannik expands, the second is completely at his mercy, the first one does not hurt and comes, heavy as a boulder, the second 6-1 for what it’s worth First trophy of the season for Janik, the first of his career on raid.

Alkaraz will reach number four on Monday Bypassing Tsitsipas is certainly a great consolation, but this victory of Papi, in a return placing twelve-to-two, weighs heavily on the scale of their rivalry.

ATP 250 scoreboard in Umag


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