An English parade in the center of Bari: a surprise for the language school’s 50th anniversary

An English parade in the center of Bari: a surprise for the language school's 50th anniversary

The “Golden Jubilee Peace Parade” through Sparano to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Lord Byron English School and much more. The grand and fun parade, which included the citizens of Bari, was not coincidentally held during the “Peace Day”, the International Day of Peace and the “European Language Day”, the European Day of Languages. Anglo-Saxon culture was celebrated yesterday in the Apulia capital with the appearance of associations of neighboring municipalities in a pop melding of cultures and traditions, including Puglia. The London Town Cryer, Jahn Smith, the city shouters, and Colon Scott lead the parade in Scottish dress with bagpipes; Youth flag-wavers lined up in the medieval clothing of the Civitas Maria di Capreso association, composed in a chessboard that marched to the sound of drums and trumpets. Ruvo di Puglia’s “Italian street band” to dance with Latin American music, and then Giovinazzo’s historic processional clothes worn on the occasion of the city’s patron saint. Finally, university students of the third age in nineteenth-century clothing. The popular and street tradition turned into a celebration yesterday. Among the guests was the mayor of Westminster, Hamza Tauzale: twenty-three, Muslim, born in public homes hidden in the luxuries of Westminster and have been in politics for six years. The historic Bari English school was founded in the 1970s by Canadian teachers Andrew Paolillo and John Credico

by Benedetta De Falco

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