And tomorrow is the anti-waste plan –

And tomorrow is the anti-waste plan -

The weekend accelerated the composition of Roberto Gualtieri’s council. after two days, punctuated by institutional meetings – At the Capitoline Museum tomorrow – With the G20 accompanied by ministers, first ladies and spouses, Meyer is tightening the timing to launch his team, possibly on Wednesday.

Today the technical component will be retouched, while on Tuesday there will be a presentation of the extraordinary plan of street cleaning and garbage removal. then wednesday take the day of the junta, Ahead of his debut at the Capitoline Assembly to be held on Thursday. pattern set- 6 politicians and 6 technicians – 50% males and an equal number of females. Now his goal for the mayor is to clear all the boxes. Furthermore, because the passage of days has already fueled the friction within Coalition parties. Smaller entities, in particular, may have to wait for the appointment of managing directors to make appointments in their favour.

The PD representation now seems to be defined: Sabrina Alfonsi, former Minicindaka The candidate with the most votes, from the historic center and in the center-left, may get the school or the green; Maurizio Velocia, second for the number of preferences, will run forurban planning or public works; While Eugenio Patan should go to transport, he currently leads the commission on the matter in the regional council. Dame could also check for fourth place, perhaps Svetlana Selye in Sport, or the technician appreciated by the party.

Instead the civic list can tick two positions, one for coordinator Alessandro Onorato – former city councillor – perhaps with a delegation between tours and major events, and another for leaders. Monica Lucarelli, Amongst the interested candidates for the post of Deputy Mayor or for a delegation to the Expo. As for the budget, the choice remains between Sylvia Scosz and Marco Leonardi. The former has already played a role with the Council of Ignazio Marino, now in the structure that deals with the Recovery. The second Palazzo heads the Department of Economic Policy Planning of Chigi. For now, the Scottish will be slightly favored.

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Some technicians are still missing, especially women. Structures that get results around or less than 2% ask for space. A box left would be the prerogative of the civic ecologist, who proposed the former chairman of the municipality of Garbatella Andrea Caterci. But within the list, other forces called for the promotion of Michela Siculi to the council to include a member of the Italian left wing in the assembly. The final synthesis could be the nomination for the culture of Miguel Gotter, history teacher and former parliamentarian.

For Roma Futura, prices Giovanni Cado, one place Claudia Pratelli can come. The Greens would have proposed either Grazia Francescato per i Refuti or Nando Bonacio Allo Sport. For the demos will be Paolo Ciani, who has been active with the community of Sant’Egidio in the social sphere for years. But the mayor may have asked these political forces to point to field technicians.

November 1, 2021 | 08:17

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