At work 4 days a week without pay cuts: California dreams of a turning point

At work 4 days a week without pay cuts: California dreams of a turning point

Rome, April 16, 2022 – Dream: the Week work 4 daysbut without deduction Salary. he’s there thinking about it california, home of many giants of big techthe model is that Icelandic, A new bill introduced in the state parliament would seek to reduce the number of hours worked, 40 to 32in companies with more 500 employees, Among the signatories, Democratic deputy christina garcia,

great resignation

A startling number on the premise: “Beyond 47 million Americans quit their jobs voluntarily,” recalls Congressmen. In short, mass resignations—in the words of experts great resignation Pursuing a better quality of life. Thus, from small and big companies, the same problem is repeated over and over again, shortage of manpower. In the Bill’s logic, we need to think of a new world, because two years after the COVID-19 pandemic, activists do not want to return to the old patterns of time, but aspire to do something better.

work and personal life

“They are looking for a balance between work and personal life to reduce stress”, is a picture of a post-Covid America. The large number of resignations has prompted many politicians to take the issue seriously.


But this discussion also created controversy. For example on costs that employers must bear. That they have to pay one and a half times the extra hour at the rate of 32 per week. But proponents of change reverse the problem and put it this way: Well-being and productivity go hand in hand, in other words, employees who feel good tend to produce more.

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who implements the model

the working model that inspired California‘Iceland’ (which reduced the hours 40 to 35) But the revolution has infected many countries around the world, even the most unpredictable countries. More discounted New Zealand, Scotland, France and Spain, much less Japan of workaholics and people sick from work.


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