Attend a Quiz Party Downing Street at Peano Lockdown

Attend a Quiz Party Downing Street at Peano Lockdown

Boris Johnson reportedly attended a quiz party last year in complete lockdown. The photos were released by Mirror.

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There has been a new storm in the administration of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Johnson reportedly attended a “quiz party” at 10 Downing Street in complete lockdown on 15 December last year. At the time, group living in closed spaces was forbidden to limit the spread of COVID-19. As the Sunday Mirror tabloid reports, Boris Johnson has instead violated Taking part in a Christmas party. The British newspaper also reported some photographs of the event. According to his staff, the premier attended the reunion to thank everyone for the hard work they’ve done during the pandemic. However, the staff wanted to specify that the prime minister would be involved for a short time and online only.

In photos reported by the Sunday Mirror, Johnson holds the paper in his hands and looks at the screen with an amusing air. Next to her are two employees: one wearing a Christmas wreath around her neck and the other, a woman with a Santa hat on her head. The case has sparked controversy, particularly in the field of politics: according to Labor MP Angela Rainer, Johnson is “unfit to lead the country”. The statement comes in the wake of the investigation of at least three illegal pandemic parties, two of which took place on Downing Street.

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The theme of the parties in Downing Street led to the resignation of former adviser to British Prime Minister Allegra Stratton. The woman was the protagonist of a video recorded just a year ago: In this video, Johnson’s staff members mocked for holding a Christmas party in complete lockdown for violating anti-Covid restrictions. Stratton, who handled press relations for the Conservative prime minister, announced his resignation just three days ago. In an official apology, Stratton said, “I will be sorry for what I said for the rest of my life.” For his part, Johnson said he was deeply impressed by the clip. “I tender an unconditional apology for the crime he has committed to the country,” he told legislators in the House of Commons. A few days later, however, new scandal. The invitation for Prime Minister to resign came from Ian Blackford, the leader of the Scottish Independence Party.


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