Avellino – Reduced working hours, musto: “Don’t be just a slob”

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Note from the head of the Department of Family and Work of the Southern Spring Association

We receive and publish notes from Eugenio Musto, Head of the Department of Family and Work of the Southern Spring Association

Avellino – “It is extraordinary how the Left makes admirable resolutions on the eve of the election with the kind of infallibility”.

“The Minister of Labour, Andrea Orlando, who rightly (apparently) brought the cumbersome hourly conditions of millions of Italian workers to the attention of his colleagues (but more precisely his own voters), an innovative and ultimately revolutionary proposal. If it weren’t for the fact that you remember the famous “35 Hours of Battle” promoted by Fausto Bertinoti a few decades ago: a necessary reform, “it was the Rifondazione Comunista” was abandoned soon after the government went to the government, and Its leader occupied the highest seat of the House of Representatives. Reducing working hours, especially for jobs that are considered tiring, is the duty of the political class that remains unfulfilled. Around the world, four- Day work week projects have already been adopted for some time, albeit on an experimental basis; apparently because the goal was actually to improve the quality of life of citizens and not to conduct the usual “Italian style” election campaign. In addition, the United States, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Austria In countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Spain, Scotland, Iceland and England, increased productivity with unchanged wages has been confirmed.

“The left has always boasted a particular monopoly concerned with worker’s safety (thanks even to the centre-right, involved in a dubious government coalition, incomprehensiblely unable to fight), which, instead, regularly is discharged whenever he is in a position to be able to actually deliver on all his promises. It is irrefutable that the only goal achieved by the Orlando Party was to support the establishment of a union that is now a union of workers. does not defend but only strengthens their positions of power. Also through the now customary route of secretaries of CGIL, CISL and UIL into the executive ranks of the Democratic Party and thus: a type of career advancement”.

“We at Primavera Meridionale hope that a serious discussion table on this absolutely fundamental issue will eventually open up and reach a real labor reform that “works for man and is no longer man for work”, as John Paul Said the second”.


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