Ballots, PD rejoice. Cold count. Melons: no center-right debacle

  Ballots, PD rejoice.  Cold count.  Melons: no center-right debacle

On such a day everyone gives whatever name he wants. Victory Without Victory by Enrico Letta. Defeat but not defeat for Georgia Meloni. Matteo Salvini notes that, “if it is not an opinion”, the centre-right has not lost administrative offices. Cinquestel who thinks about sobriety and how to recover them from politics, possibly about the movement. Along with leader Giuseppe Conte, who, in a brief post on fb, did not even name the centre-left.

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This Monday, defeat is a problem, victory is not a balm. Whoever wins, especially the PD, will have to manage a very complex problem from a position of greater strength. Center-left with Cinquestel. The first controversial episode, which the movement’s debacle could turn badly. Letta works hard to assure: the Democratic Party will be the leader and the federation, because that is his reason for living. But with all due respect to those who choose the centre-left for political action. Choosing is inevitable, right is the opposite side, there is no space in between. This is the world the Secretary sees – or would like to see. In line with the preference for the majority that he expressed from day one of his mandate. In the post-vote press conference, the apparently innocuous words sound like a warning: Our voters have merged, merged. He says it and repeats it twice. That means, be careful: you have a chance to keep those votes if you choose the right part. Otherwise, stay here. In fact, on the right. Conte’s answer seems to be the best, interlocutor. “Congratulations to the beams and hangars. In Rome, Turin and Trieste we are in protest.” This is what 2018 looks like: neither to the right nor to the left. Of course, if Letta Italia considers Viva to be part of the centre-left, Renzi’s words don’t help: “The time for Cinquestel is over everywhere”, he still hisses over hot urns.

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center future-right

A look to the right. Salvini does not see defeat. More than a centre-right, his problem seems to be league. Although he writes that there are 82 more mayors in the Northern League, he announces that he will replace city secretaries and begin a hearing and confrontation campaign with the actual country, which will probably remind him that for some time he has only practically What he’s asking you to do: listen to and face the real country. Meloni sees the necklace and accepts it. We urgently need a meeting between the leaders: we need to discuss, clarify. Three parties, three different situations: It’s lost, it’s clear. In Forza Italia they are convinced they have lost less, probably because they had less to lose. Berlusconi agrees with Meloni. We should be seeing each other soon. He almost brought Putin to NATO. He can persuade everyone again. Federo, ergo yoga.

P.S. For all the above, it is very difficult to answer the question whether this vote strengthens the Draghi government. For the record, Enrico Letta says yes.


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