Baroness Stuart on the consequences of leaving the European Union

Did you underestimate the consequences of Brexit, Baroness Stuart?

WithOn the anniversary of the Brexit vote, Boris Johnson recently painted a rosy picture of the future: “We will realize the true potential of our reclaimed sovereignty, bring the entire state together and raise it to a higher level,” the prime minister said optimistically. said in advance. The freedom that Brexit will bring will be used to encourage investment and job creation across the country. Critics of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union certainly do not believe this story. They point to dire consequences for the economy and strong centrifugal forces in the country; Independence has been promoted in Scotland. and relations with the EU of 27 are strained; There is a lot of poison in the system. But it is not a rule in personal life or politics that a relationship should fall apart harmoniously. Brexit means Brexit, whatever you think about it. Wounds remain, accusations are made, questions of guilt are asked.

On 23 June 2016, European politics and the institutional-model building called the European Union were shaken by a severe earthquake. A relatively small majority in Britain voted in favor of leaving the European Union. Most of those in favor of leaving came mainly from England, with the Welsh joining them; Most people in the areas of Scotland and Northern Ireland were against secession. The setbacks of this fundamental decision, if not more: The fundamental decisions can be felt today, and will continue to be felt in the future. Outwardly, this affects relations with “Europe”, in which some things have not yet been clarified. The trade and cooperation agreement, which came with great difficulty and necessity, leaves some things open and many wishes unfulfilled. The state’s internal order appears to be in turmoil, with customs rules for Northern Ireland controversial and disputed. The economy, the British as well as the Germans on the continent, are complaining of major losses and bureaucratic difficulties. The consequences of exiting are real, even if it doesn’t turn out as bad as expected in gloomy scenarios. Still, the results are important – think about London’s exit from the Erasmus program. So let’s ask anyone who majorly promoted secession: Did you underestimate the consequences of Brexit, Baroness Stuart?

Boris Johnson Promoted Brexit in May 2016

Boris Johnson Promoted Brexit in May 2016

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Gisela Stuart, today Baroness Stuart of Edgbaston, longtime Labor MP in the lower house and five years ago chair of the “board” of the organization Vote Leave, whose campaign committee she chaired with prominent conservative Michael Gove. already know that the result will be profound. In two ways: on the one hand to the political internal life of the state, which is now faced with the need to deal with the country’s long deferred “constitutional problems in a phase of self-reflection”, and then with respect to ” Partner in the “old” European Union.

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