Berlin students demand free period products

Berlin students demand free period products

Berlin students demand that tampons and pads be free for all.Null / Daniela Starkey

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The demand for free period products continues to grow exponentially—after all, tampons and pads aren’t exactly cheap and yet they’ve been indispensable to nearly half of humanity for decades. If you spend 5 euros per month on menstrual products, you will pay a total of 1,800 euros over 30 years for tampons and pads alone. It also doesn’t include the cost of new underwear, pain relievers, and nerve food. If these are included in the calculation according to the British version of the portal “Huffington Post” This can result in costs of up to 20,700 euros over the course of a lifetime. And it is same for all, irrespective of the number of payment slips.

It was not until 2019 that the federal government recognized period products as part of a basic need and accordingly reduced VAT on tampons, pads and menstrual cups from 19 to 7 percent – ​​before counting them in the same class as furs and champagne. used to go. ,

Period products should be made accessible to all

But there’s more to come before period poverty ends and no one needs to stuff their underpants with old newspapers and toilet paper – at least that’s some initiative to raise the issue of the cost of periods Been trying for years. products in political To bring

With success in some countries: Australia has already abolished the tax on period products and in Scotland tampons, pads and menstrual cups are to be issued completely free of charge in the future. In France, free hygiene products should be available at least in universities.

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Students demand tampons and pads in all toilets of the university

Similar measures are desired by some initiatives in Germany: the General Student Committee (ESTA) of TU Berlin called for a Message Now the University of Berlin and the Berlin Students Union, “Providing free menstrual products – especially tampons and pads – in all toilets in universities, university libraries, canteens and other affiliated institutions”,

TU-Asta also writes that hygiene products should be available not only in women’s toilets, but also in all toilets and for all genders, Since not only women are affected, but also trans*, inter* and/or non-binary people.

Berlin universities committed to equal opportunities

To enforce their claim, students apply Article 5c of the current Berlin Higher Education Act. It states “that the universities of Berlin are obliged to work towards equal opportunities for the sexes” and “that universities must actively eliminate structural and other disadvantages that exist for women”. And if students can’t focus on seminar because they fear bleeding their underpants or even have to stay at home because of a lack of period products, then the general student committee clearly considers it a structural disadvantage. sees as.

“We also ask the Berlin Senate to ensure that these demands are met immediately.” shall be implemented in all public institutions without exception and menstrual products will also be made available free of charge in all public toilets in Berlin,” continues the ESTA press release. Whether the request will be fulfilled remains open.


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