Biden, Harris defeats Trump again, this time as Time’s ‘Person of the Year’

Biden, Harris defeats Trump again, this time as Time's 'Person of the Year'

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, Who defeated President Donald Trump One of the toughest presidential elections in U.S. history is Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2020.

The selection was announced on Thursday by Lester Holt of NBC News.

Trump, who continues to make Baseless fraud claims And it continues to challenge elections that have already been certified by all 50 states, continued Short list of time.

Another contender is the government’s leading epidemiologist, Dr. Anthony was Fauci, who He survived the White House’s attempt to discredit him; And Health care, Postal and scavengers who laid their lives on the line during the Covid-19 crisis, Time said.

On the short list, the Times said, were racial justice activities that then led to nationwide demonstrations. George Floyd dies in police custodyLike members, Trump is often upset “Thugs” and “anarchists.”

But in the end, Time’s editors decided that Biden, who was President Barack Obama’s vice president, and Harris, the country’s first lady and first black and South Asian American elected vice president, were the ones who had the most influence around the world. The year when the presidential race became for many Americans Referendum on Trump’s much-discussed epidemic performance.

U.S. The number of infections, 15.4 million worldwide and more than 290,000 coronavirus deaths NBC News Data And Johns Hopkins University Covid-19 Dashboard.

Last year, Time chose Teenage Environmental activist Greta Thunberg As his Person of the Year, Trump has suffered a lot.

“So ridiculous. Greta must work on her anger management problem,” Trump tweeted, adding that “then he should go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill.”

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The time has been taken The Person of the YearOriginally called Man of the Year every year since 1927, it was usually an individual but also a group or group of people at a time who made a big impact on the world.

In keeping with the tradition of the time, his name was taken when Trump was elected president Person of the Year. His predecessor Barack Obama And George W. Bush was Each has been named Person of the Year twice After his election victory.

In 2017 Time Editors formed a group that they dubbed “Silence Breakers,” People who Started a national census on sexual harassment Coming forward with allegations against powerful men like the infamous Hollywood film executive Harvey Weinstein.

Trump claimed that Time called him to speak “Maybe” will be taken For the second year in a row, but He said he “took the pass.” Time said the conversation never happened.

In 2018, time editors chose “Guardians, “Four journalists whose work landed him in jail or cost him his life – Jamal Khashogi, Maria Fiber, Va lon and kyaw so oo – and Capital Gazette Annapolis, Maryland, a mass shooting location.

Trump, Which was runner-up, Either he was not happy about the choice.

“I can’t imagine anyone other than Trump.” Trump said. “Can you imagine anyone other than Trump?”


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