Big success for Italian Bocce Championship in Rome

Big success for Italian Bocce Championship in Rome

Three traditional specialties of the bowling sport discipline, Rafa, Volo and Petanque, for the weekend in the same facility. It took place at the Federal Technical Center in Rome, where for the second time, following the success of the Italian Absolute Championship in 2019, the unified tricolor took place, an event sponsored by the Lazio region and supported by institutional sponsors Erres and Parfetta. Ten titles were awarded: four by Rafa and Volo, two by Petanque, all in Category A. Two tricolor titles in Lombardy and Liguria, one in Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio and Campania. 300 athletes at the start of ten Italian competitions. The race director was David Matteoki; Match assistant Giuseppe Miceli is assisted by an arbitration body composed of 38 field judges.

The graduate Italian champions at Rafa were: Alfonso Nanni della Boville Marino in the individual; Pietro Zovadelli and Mattia Visconti of Arcos Brescia Bocce in pairs; Kennedy Nola’s Carmine La Marca, Gennaro Laudato and Luigi Coppola in Terna; Eleonora Ceriani of San Pedrino Milano in female person. The new Italian champions of flight are the 2021 world champions (titles won at Alasio on 16 October): Luigi Grattapaglia of BRB Ivria (TO) and Caterina Venturini of Buterio (UD) in men’s and women’s precision shooting; Marenese from the Lower Valle Pont-Saint-Martin (AO) and Ivan Soligon from Gaia Gamba in the men’s and women’s progressive shooting.

Notably, the men’s progressive shooting finals saw Soligon and Zoya, or the Under 23 World Couple, win the title in Martigues (France) last December. To move to the top step of the podium at Petanque: Valentina Petulicchio of ABG Genoa in the individual and Monica Scalise of GSP Ventimiglia in the women’s precision shooting.

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“The Italian Bocce Federation has many specialties and disputed unified events are synonymous with success – affirmed Federal President Marco Giunio di Sanctis. This year, interest was confirmed to us, including the media, which led to an event in which athletes play at the same venue. Rafa, Volo and Petanque, both male and female”.

“In 1980, at the end of a complex process, the three traditional specialties were unified, but for four decades the union of Rafa, Volo and Petanque was only a formal one – de sanctis – continued. We are going to work along the same lines , so that the political, mental and cultural integration of the three specialties can take place. We should have the courage to follow the path that will lead us into the future.”

“For this latter purpose bowl games require the support of not only athletes, technicians and managers, but also the support of national and regional institutions. And the vice-mayor of Rome, Sylvia Scosze and IX Municipal The presence of the President of the Municipality, Teresa Maria di Salvo, at this event is important in this process that also involves bringing us outside to make our discipline known and appreciated. De Sanctis.


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